The Ultimate Roblox Quiz Answers Quiz Diva

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The Ultimate Roblox Answer Quiz Diva is the name of the quiz about how well do you know your smily, round headed computer people. This quiz is able t o be found on a site named Beano. When you are there, you can just go to the Search bar and type “The Ultimate Roblox Answer Quiz Diva” as the keyword. The result will be able to bee shown when you press the Enter button.

The first question on The Ultimate Roblox Answer Quiz Diva is about the actual meaning of the name Roblox. The first option is it is the combination of the words robot and blocks. The second option is it is short for roadblocks. The third option is it was invented by a person called Rob Lox. The fourth option is it stands for Radical Oblong Bricks, Like Outstandingly Xxxxxxxxtreeeeeeeeme. Please choose the one that you think it is right and move to the second one once you are done.

The second one is about the name of the in game currency? The options of the answer are Roquid, Roboquid, Robloquid, and Robux. So, what do you think the name of the in game currency of the platform called Roblox?

The third one is how many hats that the character can wear at once in Roblox. It is 4, 3, 2, or 1? Which one do you think the right answer? Please think about it a bit when you answer the question so there will be no mistake.

The fourth one is how many people play Roblox every month. The first options is 300,000, the second option is 3,000,000, the third options is 30,000,000, and the fourth option is 300,000,000. The options can be tricky so please be careful of what you choose.

The fifth one is what was the original name of Roblox. This question needs the basic knowledge of Roblox. For those who are so into the platform called Roblox, it is no way that you do not know the history of Roblox. The options or the answer are Trendy Blocks, Xtra Blocks, Super Blocks, and Dyna Blocks.

The sixth one is about the image. All that you have to do is to guess which of those images that has not been mucked about with. Just like the other questions, this one is also tricky. Please see each image well, compare it to one and another, and then you can make a decision to answer the question.

The seventh one is about the movie that recreated within Roblox. In order to support it, there is an image that you will be able to see. So, what is that? Is that The Lego Movie, The Angry Birds Movie, The Emoji Movie, or My Little Pony: The Movie?

There are three more questions of The Ultimate Roblox Answer Quiz Diva. You can just go straight to the official website of Beano to find out the rest of the questions and to take the quiz.

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