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When you create an account for gaming account, username is one of important things that you have to think. It is because username will make other player notice who you are. Moreover, if you are a good player and then you will be known by other people, it is better that you have a catchy username.

When you make a username for your Roblox account, you have to note several things. First, the username that you create must be at least three characters and a maximum of twenty characters. Second, your username can contain of numbers and letters and you are also able to use uppercase or lowercase. Third, special characters are not allowed in your Roblox usernames.

Besides these basic rules of Roblox usernames, there are also some tips of making username. First, it is better for you not to use your real name in your username. Why? It is because it probably can expose your identity in game and you surely do not want it, don’t you? Second, never use words which are racist, controversial and racists in your username because it can be dangerous even it is not impossible that you will be given warning by the gaming platform because of it. Third, do not use very long username. It is better if your username is short and simple so that it can be easy to remember by everyone. Fourth, make sure that you make one username for all gaming websites. This thing is done to avoid forgetting your username. If you forget one of the usernames because you have account in many gaming platforms and all the usernames are different, it can make you difficult.

Now, what kind of username that you want to create for your Roblox account? Everyone has their own wish about their username. If you want to make a username with three letters, you can do it. If you do not have any idea, we can help you. To create a unique username with three letters for your Roblox account, you are able to use Roblox Name Generator. You are able to find some username generators and one of them is SpinXo that you are able to visit at

In this site, you are able to adjust the things that you want to include in your username. In that site, there are 6 boxes that you can fill in but you can enter some of them if you do not want to enter all boxes. The boxes consist of Name or Nickname, What you are like, Hobbies, Things you like, Important words, and Numbers or letters.

Let’s take an example. Your name is Joe, you are cute and you like bear. So, you are able to try to enter “Joe” in the Name box, enter “Cute” in the “What Are You Like?” box and enter “Bear” in the Things You Like Box. Then, click on Spin button. Generally you will get long name results such as Bearesso, JoeVeto, BearBot, ChatJoe, HipBear and many more. If you want username with three letters, you can take from the combination of these results. For example, you can make it to be JoV, Vto, Bro, CJo and so on.

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