Rocitizens Catalog Access Codes

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Rocitizens is one of games in Roblox that need to use codes if you want to access several things such as playing music, getting items and even getting clothes in the catalog. Now, we are going to tell you about the access codes for Rocitizens catalog, so keep reading it.

Clothing is something that you are able to put on your avatar to make them stylish. A lot of players buy the Catalog Access to get a bigger variety to select clothes from. Catalog Access is one of the game passes in Rocitizens that you are able to buy for R$ 200. If you have enough Robux, it is better for you to buy this Catalog Access so that you are able to get more varieties of clothing for your avatar.

If you have Catalog Access game pass, you will be able to wear any item of clothing from the Roblox catalog on your Rocitizens avatar. If you want to use it, it is very simple. You just have to click the shirts or pants tab in the customize screen and then enter the catalog ID of the item that you want to buy. So, you need to know the ID of the clothes that you want to buy.

In the video of CannedPotatoMelon in Youtube entitled Roblox Questions! Questions: How Do You Work The Catalog Access? You Need to Buy It with Robux, the codes that is entered in the Catalog Pants ID is 188767073. To be able to work the Catalog access, the first thing that you have to do is going to Clothing or the clothing icon. Then, click on shirt or pants. Then, you can go to Roblox Catalog and then choose Clothing and then click on Pants of you want to get pants. There, you can choose any pants or shirt that you want and then click on the item that you like. After that, copy the ID of the Roblox ID of the item that you want to get. The ID is in the URL. Then, paste it in the Catalog Pants ID or Catalog shirt ID in the Rocitizens game. After that, the costume of your avatar will be changed.

So, if you want to know the Roblox codes of the clothes in the catalog, you are able to check it in the URL of each item. The code of the item is a series of number which is available in the URL. But, if you want to use this simple way to get clothes in Rocitizen, you need to buy the game pass named Catalog Access which cost R$ 200. This Catalog Access will make you easier in getting clothes for your avatar in Rocitizens so that your avatar can be stylish whenever and wherever by the easiness of this game pass.

The other game passes that you are able to buy in this game are -50% Mood Decline which costs R$ 100, Double Wages which costs R$ 200, Street Racer which costs R$ 50, Premium which costs R$ 500, RoTunes which costs R$ 150, and Custom Furniture Colors which costs R$ 250.

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