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When developing for long amounts of time, the light that usually coming from the computer monitor is able to either damage or hurt your eyes. This one defenitely applies to the widgets and windows on the screen, not just the game itself.

According to the Review of Optometry, UV light is dangerous to the skin. Aside from that, it is also dangerous to the eyes. In this case, it is important that you can protect them from the UV damage. This kind of light affects the front of the eye (cataract formation), while the blue one causes damage to the back of the eye (risk of AMD). Apparently, 90% of all the the light sources are estimated to be the LED lighting. So, the exposure to the blue one is everywhere and only increasing.

You are encouraged to try to avoid the blue light, and as much as they can, especially during the night. The thing is also been known that the blue light is able to cause people to have sleep problems. Even though the thing called Roblox Studio does not use as much blue light, you are able to see the brighter lights are also have the similar effect on people.

Recently, Roblox finally allowed the Roblox developers to turn on Roblox Studio dark mode by changing the theme of the UI in the Roblox Studio. It means that you are able to work better in the Roblox Studio especially at night time as the Roblox Studio dark theme is easier on the eyes.

Roblox Studio dark theme can have even more benefits such as eye fatigue likeliness is reduced, dark colors can save electricity, and medical conditions such as photophobia as less aggravated by dark backgrounds. There are sine developers that love the implemented color schemes for the script editors, but getting the whole Roblox Studio the theme is recommended. Some threads on the devforums stating that there is the possibility to change the theme by tweaking with those files, but some people believe that it should be easier for everyone to access this without having to go there.

In order to turn on the dark mode on Roblox Studio, the first thing that you have to do is to click on the file and click on Settings. Then, click on UI Theme and set it to the dark. If you choose this option, your Roblox Studio will have the dark theme enabled.

There might be a few issues occur with icons which are still appearing white, for example, the tool box. You can see that the Search bar button is white so they are working on fixing that one so you can try the new update to fix this kind of thing.

For further information about the Roblox Studio dark theme, you can visit the official website of Roblox Developer. Aside from that, you can get more information by joining the community of Roblox. There are some Roblox communities so you just have to join with them.

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