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Roblox has a number of features that can be explored by Roblox users. One of the features that can make Roblox users creative is Roblox Studio. This feature enables all Roblox users to be able to make their own world. So, for Roblox users who have ideas about games, they can express it through this feature.

If we talk about Roblox Studio, some people experienced some issues when the access Roblox Studio and maybe you also experienced it. The issues can be various as mentioned below.

  • You attempt to log in into Roblox Studio, but you can not do it.
  • You attempt to edit a place to have it load an empty skybox or something named Place1.
  • You found that Sections of Roblox Studio are blank but it should not be like that.
  • You face some difficulties when you try to publish to Roblox.
  • You are told that you have to log in even though you have done it.
  • Other things such as creating process error and many more.

Facing an issue when we are going to use Roblox Studio is annoying. Moreover, if you want to make something, you are eager in creating it and your head is full of ideas but then the Roblox Studio that you will use has a problem, it surely makes you annoyed and disappointed. Some people may have tried several methods to make the Roblox Studio work normally again which can be successful or not. But some others maybe just leave it without fixing it because they do not know how to do.

If you face an issue in Roblox Studio, you are able to do something to try to fix it. Here they are. First, you are able to try to reboot your computer. After you reboot it, then you are able to try to play it again. Usually this method will work. But, if this method cannot work, you are able to try another method. The method is resetting your internet options windows. Either you use Internet Explorer or not, you are able to try to reset the internet options to solve the issue that you face. How to do that? If you want to reset your internet options windows, firstly you can open Internet Explorer. After that, you have to go to the gear icon and then go to Internet Options. Now, you have to open the Advanced tab and then click the Reset button. After you reset it, you are able to close Internet Explorer to permit the changes to take effect.

If these two methods cannot work. You are able to try another method to solve the issue on your Roblox Studio. You are able to try to check your proxy settings. You have to make sure that your computer is not trying to connect through a proxy server. If you are using Windows 7 or earlier, you can do that by going to the Start menu and then search Proxy and Configure Proxy Server will appear and you have to click on it. Then, click LAN Settings and unclick all the check marks in that tab and at last click Ok.

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