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The locations of Roblox servers are random. Roblox servers are chosen based on your connection. For instance, if the server is started by a user who comes from the United State, so the server is going to be based in a location near them. Same goes for if the server is started by an EU user, this is for reducing latency as much as possible.

There is something to note, Roblox use their IP ranges on some different hosting companies that support the use of custom IP ranges. So, it means that the server can be based in the EU, but, is hosting a US IP address. We think that it is best not to rely on the IP information for determining server location due to this. Since you are using Amazon services, so you should not need to worry about latency all too much.

Talking about this, you may also want to know how to find empty servers on Roblox.


You have to install Roblox + extension for Google Chrome. It is going to allow you to look for servers and preview the population easily. Aside from server search, you will get item and trade notifiers, website themes and filter bar for avatar page. In other case, if you do not use Chrome, so Roblox + extension is also available on Mozilla Firefox and Opera. We have already tested it on Chrome for the purpose of this article. But, if you use it on a different browser, feel free to drop us a comment and tell the community how it works.


After you install Roblox+ extension, you have to go back to your Roblox game and start searching for servers. The fast way for finding an empty server is to jump to the end of the list and browse the pages. But, it may not work for every game. To make everything quicker, so you need to press F12 on the keyboard for launching the console and paste the following code into the command line; document.getElementsByClassName(“icon-left”)[0].click();


Once you get the code into the command line, then you have to keep pasting for a few seconds and then press Enter button. Next, you will be able to see that the number of servers will down in the counter at the bottom of the page. The purpose is to get the number down to only a handful of servers. So, you need to paste the code and then hit Enter a few times until you can get to the magic number. The thing you are searching for is the server list under Other Servers with only one or two players.


When you get it, you are able to exit the console and scroll the list to find an empty server. Depending on the game and number of players, you will be able to find at least a few servers with no players. You have to note that the list is not populated by the number of players.

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