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Do you want to use exploit when you play a game on Roblox? You maybe think that it is fun to do that. What kind of exploit do you want to use? Is it FE annoy script exploit? If you want to do that, it means that you need Roblox FE Annoy script.

Now, let’s find out what exploit is. Exploit is the application of glitches and software in Roblox to change the game. It can also be done by Roblox players to get a lot of money or points for an unfair advantage. This activity is also categorized as a form of cheating by some people. This activity is offence which is bannable. If a player get caught because they use exploit, they will be able to be banned. The ban can be account deletion, poison or even IP ban. Exploits can be found in some types and those are BIN injecting, Lua bytecode, Proto conversion, Lua wrapping, Lag switching, and DLL injection.

Where can we find FE Annoy script? Usually, you are able to find script for exploit in some websites such as,,,, and many more. You are able to check these websites one by one to find FE Annoy script.

If you search about FE Annoy script for Roblox on Youtube, you will find some videos about it. Those are Roblox Exploiting Ep. 5 | Annoying Servers With FE Scripts which was published on DinoExploits on January 2nd, 2018; Roblox Script Showcasing: FE Scripts which was published by VengefulProgram on August 1st, 2018; and Troll FE V3! | OP Rare FE Scripts which was published by Doge Exploitz on July 20th, 2018.

In the video of DinoExploits entitled Roblox Exploiting Ep.5 | Annoying Servers with FE Scripts, you are able to see that the exploit that he used is Protosmasher. He mentions it in the description section of the video. Then, in the video of VengefulProgram entitled Roblox Script Showcasing: FE Scripts, you are also able to see that there are a lot of scripts and he gives the link in the description section. The links that he gives goes to the Some of the scripts links that he shares on the description of the video are cafe script, dancing guest, dancing scout, double boost, Sonic scripts and many more.

In the video of Doge Exploitz entitled Troll FE V3! | OP Rare FE Scripts, the exploit that he uses is Synapse, Sir Hurt. You are able to see it in the description of the video. Then, he also gives the link to in that description section for a copy of troll fe v1.

Before you do an exploit, it is important for you to know that doing exploit can make you be banned by Roblox. So, if you want to do it for fun, you have to do it carefully. You are also able to ask other Roblox players about exploit and FE script on forum of group because it seems that information about it on websites is not much.

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