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Are you planning to play a Roblox game called Entry Point? If the answer to the question is yes, you might want to read this article about the Deposit Stealth. You are better learn everything to excel in playing this game.

The recommended class for stealth is called the Infiltrator. Actually, you are able to use a Bleacher as well, but there is a chance that you will not get a keycard from the guards and you are not able to hack the ID and vault code. Normally, you have two people with those two classes. The recommended perks are The Art of the Steal, Prodigy, Demolitions Expert, Survelliance State, Interference, Fash Hands, Out of Sight, Masquerade, and Intimidation. Please keep in mind that it depends of which way you disable the sensors. You may want to bring the breaching charge instead of the silent drill.

If you are looking for the equipment, the recommended ones are Lockpick kit, Keycard Scrambler, Trackers, Miscocams, Silent Drill if you want to disable the vault sensors permanently, and Breaching Charge for those who want to disable the vault sensors temporarily. As for the recommended weapons, it is any suppressed weapon that can be concealed.

For those who are doing stealth and carrying any unconcealed weapons or armor, you can put them in the equipment bad in order to ensure civilians will not see your weapons and thus will not become suspicious or call the police when they see you. You are able to take out to 4 guards by luring them into the back alleyway, providing disguises and possibly keycards.

  1. You can do something suspicious between 2 and 3 notches, but not raising the alarm in front of the camera.
  2. You can hide the bags in the corner.
  3. Do not ever wear the disguise yet.
  4. You can do something suspicious in front of the other camera, and then wait. Apparently, the range of the camera extends to just below the top of the stairs, so a guard is able to be lured there too.
  5. You can knock out the guard that comes only after she or he passes the dumpster in the prone position. You do not have to worry as the camera will not see this.
  6. You can disable the camera and repeat.

Please take a note that if you are on Operative+, all the civilians will suspect you even if the guard is behind the dumpster. In this case, all that you have to do is to act quickly and move the guard downstairs or only lure two of them.

For those who have the interference perk, you are able to simply loop both cameras even though this thing will not get you a disguise. Do not forget to loop or disable them from the side and not right in front of it or you will be seen tampering with it. If you are seen, the camera operator will raise the alarm afterward.

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