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In Roblox, you are able to buy package or now it is called bundle. Bundle or package is a full set of body meshes including legs, torso and arms. Most packages for sale are sold in this way but they are able to be interchanged individually.

Some packages are also able to contain faces, hats, and heads like the Man package. And for the reason which is unknown, it is impossible to see the amount of sales a package has anymore. At the beginning, most packages were not be able to be bought without Builders Club and the feature of purchasing packages was often advertised as an incentive to buy a premium membership.

In October 2013, Roblox did an update and they permitted non-Builders Club users to buy nearly all packages. Then, as of November 2018, they are known as ‘costumes’ and they are not able to be seen anymore in the inventory of a user.

You may have seen Dex Roblox package or you may have heard about it. Then, you see that it is very cool so that you want to have it. Well, you can find Dex: The Trendy Tycoon which was uploaded by Roblox into the Roblox catalog. This is a bundle or package and now it has been favorited more than 3.9k times. In the description section, you are able to read that the word ‘cavalier’ does not begin to describe the chances ol’ Dex takes. Dex has been looking to leverage and work his way to the top since before he was able to walk. Stories abound regarding his exploits from his first lemonade stand which at the end acquired a major corporation to his school car wash that was then investigated for forming a monopoly. In addition, in the description it is written that currently some suspect that Dex’s luck is not purely natural – that probably he made a deal to get to where he is. But there will always be doubters in life and all one can do is look forward and dust off your shoulders.

This Dex: The Trendy Tycoon was known formerly as Dex: The Wildcat. However, you need to know that this package is exclusive to the Xbox One. For your information, this package together with Zoey: The Fashionista are the only Xbox Packages that are not able to be bought via catalog. So, if you want to buy this package, you need to access Roblox using your Xbox One.

As you can see that the package wears necklace and the name of it is Dex’s Necklace. It is an Xbox One exclusive neck accessory which was published to the Roblox catalog on June 19th, 2017. It can be gained by purchasing the Dex: The Trendy Tycoon package from the Xbox One catalog. Until December 19th, 2018 this item has been favorited 2,236 times. A lot of players believe that this is a cheaper version of the Bling $$ Necklace.

Okay, if you like this Dex package, you are able to buy it but make sure that you buy it from your Xbox One because this package is only available in Xbox One.

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