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Roblox car dealerships are the artificial locations in the game. This one is located throughout Bloxywood. This kind of location sells different types of vehicles for players to pursue and use. Currently, there are 4 land vehicle dealerships in total, one aquatic vehicle dealership, and one air dealership.

The first land vehicle dealership is called auto’s car dealership. The auto car’s dealership is the name of the standard car shop where you are able to purchase the cheapest cars in the game. the prices of the vehicles range from $0 to $600,000. It might sound like a lot but you do not have to worry as you could discover tips and trick for earning money fast in the game that will be made for the starters and rookies to the game. Aside from that, this one also the Spawn Point for when you enter the game or you reset the character. Please remember that it is unknown if the shop will get the second floor as the first floor is full.

The second one is parking lot dealership. Apparently, the parking lot dealership is just another side of the road from spawn and the auto’s car dealership. This one is also known as the hidden dealership or another part of the auto’s. As the addition in the shakedown 1, while the auto’s have not enough pad to fill up he new cars.

The third one is the Supercars dealership. The supercars dealership is kind of the step up from the auto’s car dealership. this one will give you the access to the huge variety of more than 10 cars and hey are all within the price range of $96,000 to $12,000,000. The Lambirghini Egoista is the most expensive car in the car dealership. this one costs $12,000,000. This place is the most well-known place to buy the good quality car from. Please take a note that there are few empty spaces in the dealership that might possibly mean that there will be some new supercars added.

The fourth one is Tesla dealership. It is stated that the tesla dealership sells only the electric cars. All of them are the only tesla vehicles at the current moment. For those who want to know, this store is located on the west coast of the map, near the beach, and the aquatic dealership. There are only three vehicles sold a the moment. Those are the Tesla Model S. Tesla roadster 2.0 and the Tesla Model X. As for the price, it range from $70,000 to $12,000,000. Beside, there are also two other vehicles but they are now unobtainable. Each of the vehicles is able to be modified normally in the auto turner or the auto shop.

There are three other dealerships that you have to know. Those are motorcycle dealership, plane dealership, and aquatic dealership. If you want to know the details of the rest, you can visit the page of Dealerships on Wiki. Everything is complete so you can read everything.

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