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How long have you been a user of Roblox? If you have been a user for a long time, you may want to test your knowledge about Roblox to find out how much you know about Roblox. One of the websites that you are able to use to test your Roblox knowledge is ProProfs.

ProProfs Quiz Maker can be accessed at It is a web-based quiz authoring application which you are able to use to create and share interactive and fun quizzes. This site is good for educational institutions, businesses, trainers and educators. This site can be used to create assessments, educational exams, online tests, polls, opinion surveys, public quizzes, personality quizzes,  scored quizzes and more. You are able to take quiz and even make a quiz in this site and it is secure to do. The types of quizzes can be in the form of short answer, essay and question, matching, multiple choices, public and private test access, randomized questions, and time limits. Even this platform provides you the detailed stats and reports for your quizzes to help you evaluate the performance of learners.

If you want to take Roblox quiz, you are able to take it in ProProfs. Or you maybe want to be the quiz makers about Roblox, you can use ProProfs as your medium. Here, we have some examples of questions about Roblox quizzes.

  • When was Roblox created?
  1. 2005                  b. 2007                  c. 2004                  d. 2006
  • What is the goal of a parent account in Roblox?
  1. So that parents can enjoy the fun of Roblox just as much as the kids
  2. To spy on the kids for fun
  3. To keep the kids from using bad words and crap
  4. Other
  • Who created Sword fight on the Heights?
  1. Telemon         b. Pheedy           c. RoboTim          d. Builderman    e. Tranhead

If the quiz is in the form of questions not in the form of multiple choices, the questions can be like these:

  • Who is the creator of Jailbreak?
  • Who is Luke Skywalker’s sister?
  • How many game genres are there?

If you want to take a Roblox quiz in that site, you are able to search the quiz in the search box in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, you will be given options of the quizzes. There are a lot of types of Roblox quizzes that you can take. It can about your general knowledge about Roblox, your preference in Roblox, and your experience in Roblox.

If you want to make a Roblox quiz in ProProfs, you have to click on the Create A Quiz that you can find in menu on the top of the screen. Then, you will be given choices whether you will make a quiz in the form of scored quiz, personality quiz, poll, survey, web form and more. Click on the one that you want and then you have to choose the template. After that, follow the things that they require. ProProfs is very fun to use and also helpful for you who want to make and take any quizzes.

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