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In the Mining Simulator game, you are able to enter a code in the Twitter Code box to get certain items. You may know that there is Patriotic Dominus in the game and you want to get it because it looks cool but you do not know what the code is.

The Patriotic Dominus is a legendary hat which is limited in Mining Simulator. This item could only be gained by buying the Patriotic Pack for R$ 499. For your information, it emits red stars. So, if you want to have this Patriotic Dominus hat, you need to buy the Patriotic Pack and it seems that there is no code needed for it. The thing that you need is Robux for buying the Patriotic Dominus pack.

What is Patriotic Dominus pack? In the game of Mining Simulator, Patriotic Pack is one of the game purchasable packs. This pack was available during the Memorial Week in 2018. If you buy this pack, you will get the Patriotic Dominus hat, Patriotic Unicorn pet and Patriot Skin. Let’s find out what is Patriotic Unicorn pet and Patriot Skin.

Patriotic Unicorn is a pet which is legendary in Mining Simulator. This pet is not able to be hatched from Eggs but it could only have been gained by buying the Patriot Pack or now you are able to get it by trading with other players. It can emit sparkles and a red, white and blue striped trail. There also exists no Shiny Patriotic Unicorn because of it not being able to be hatched from an egg. A shiny version would only be available from developers and non have been given. How about Patriot Skin? It is a legendary skin which is limited in Mining Simulator and if you want it, you need to buy the Patriotic Pack for R$ 499. It is important for you to know that it can radiate a bright neon blue glow.

If you try to search about codes for Dominus Patriotic, there are some videos on Youtube about it but actually they just deceive you. They said that the code is Patriot but it is not true. If we talk about codes in Mining Simulator, there are some codes that you are able to try to redeem. Those codes are:

  • Selfie — 2,500 coins
  • TestingThing — Common Crate
  • Rare — Rare Crate
  • Cool — Rare Crate
  • DefildPlays — Rare Crate
  • DefildPlays2 1,500 coins
  • Eggs — Unique Egg
  • Pets — 100 coins
  • Eggo! Unique Egg
  • Danger — 250 coins
  • Ore — 500 coins
  • Patriot — Legendary Hat Crate
  • PatrioticStars — Legendary Egg

There are still more codes and you are able to get it from Roblox Wiki.

If you want to know the update about everything including about the codes in Mining Simulator game, it is better for you to follow the Twitter account of the developer at @IsaacRBLX. On July 4th, 2019, he shares the new code in his twitter account for Mining Simulator game. The code is “SummerTokens” and it will give you free tokens. So, following his twitter account will not make you miss any information.

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