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In the game of Roblox, there are dozens of awesome items that all Roblox player must have. Indeed, the items can be needed for some purposes. In Roblox catalog, the items are divided into some categories such as clothing, gear, tools, accessory and many more. Certainly, every item will be needed for you when playing Roblox.

Although, the clothing becomes one of popular items on Roblox, but there will be additional items that you will need. The accessory can be mentioned as the additional item that will make your avatar on Roblox more attractive and gorgeous to look. As we know that avatar is one of main role-player on Roblox that image the real Roblox player. So, if you dress up the avatar, actually you will get more value for yourself on dressing the Roblox avatar.

One of accessories on Roblox that will make your avatar gorgeous is Nerf Tactical Vest. Based on Roblox Wikia, Nerf Tactical Vest is a front accessory made from leather with the green bullets strapped around it. This vest was published on October 14, 2015 in the catalog of Roblox. As of July 13, 2019, this vest has been favored more than 1.7K times. This vest also has been published as the prize in the BLOXtober 2015 event in Halloween Zombie Strike. In this event, the players shoot a miniature Nerf Zombie that rarely appeared to obtain the Nerf Tactical Vest.

If you want to know more about this vest, we share the characteristic of Nerf Tactical Vest in the below!

  • The vest originally had the light green and brown ammunition darts all arount it. But, the vest has been changed to have no ammunition darts at all.
  • The vest has been replaced with the seven pockets and a green badge on the top left corner that reads “I survived Outbreak Zombie Attack 2015”.
  • The vest was completed by a zipper in the middle.

Then, if you want to get this vest soon, you can check the catalog of Roblox right now. There will many kinds of Roblox vest, so as for Nerf Tactical Vest. Here are Nerf Tactical Vests that you get on the catalog of Roblox!

First Nerf Tactical Vest

For the first Nerf Tactical Vest was created by Roblox. This vest is involved into the category of accessory. This vest is also involved as the Adventure genre. This kind of vest is adorable with the brown completed by some pockets and the zipper in the middle. The element of the vest add the uniqeness of the Nerf Tactical Vest. The ID code of this vest is 306163801.

Second Nerf Tactical Vest

The second Nerf Tactical Vest was created by NerferDrew97 on December 23, 2010. This vest made by this developer is involved as the shirt category not accessory. You can buy this Nerf Tactical Vest on the catalog of Roblox. The ID code of this vest is 42753785. So, don’t waste time to get it soon.

Well, if you are so excited to have the Nerf Tactical Vest, absolutely you do not hesitate to buy it on the catalog of Roblox. Get it soon, Dude!

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