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KDA Popstars is the name of the song by augmented reality K-pop group named KDA. This one was released as the single on November 3, 2018 as the promotion for the 2018 League of Legends World Championship. Apparently, the single went viral and raked in one of the fastest viewership records for its music video on Youtube platform.

Two members of Korean girl group (G)I-dle named Soyeon and Miyeon, along with Madison Beer and Jaira Burns, provided vocals for the song and represented the group as its human counterpar. It was in the live performance at the finals of the tournament. Commercially, the song peaked the World Digital Songs chart, making the group girl group to top the chart and fifth female act overall.

KDA Popstarts has the length of three minutes and eleven seconds and the tempo of 170 beats per minute. This one is the bilingual song, featuring vocals in English by Beer and Burns and in both English and Korean by Soyeon and Miyeon.

The popularity of of KDA Popstarts has reached one of the biggest platforms to play games called Roblox. One of the most popular things about KDA Popstarts on the platform is the piano sheet of it. A lot of people are looking for the piano sheet of KDA Popstarts for Roblox. If you are one of them, here is the piano sheet of KDA Popstarts for Roblox.

[z0] [rh] [GI] [dz] o x [Qk9] [pdG] | [khfs8] l k j [hsout] G h j [d7] w e y G h [j8] w e p [pG] j [ze7]9 Q [yp] j [k0*$] [SJ] [kQ(7] [aY] | [6sf] G [ha5] d [fs8] G h j [kw*] [7Qj] | a s [dou81] [f5] [8d] [h0] [wG] [dr] p [fr] [dpyI92] 6 9 Q [ep] y [Is] y [uoa03] [7s] [a0] [fw] [rd] [ou] [pr] [ws] [a92] 6 9 Q [eo] y [Ip] y [uod81] [5f] [d0] [wG] [dr] [up] [of] [d92] 6 [9h] Q [ej] [ly] [03hk] w r u [92dj] Q e y [81fh] 0 w t [92dG] Q e [ypI] [dz0] [roh] [GIu] [Idz] o [dx] [kda9Q] [dpkG] [khfa8] [sl] [ka] [pj] [outsh] [GI] [oh] [jp] [dz7] w e y [IG] [ho] [fjpw8] p [pIG] [pj] [zde7G] 9 Q [yp] [pj] [kaG0*$] [TPGJ] [kaQ(7] [ka] [sl] [zhfd81] [5fx] [zd8] [0hv] [CGw8] [dzr] [upj] [xfr] [92djzG] 6 9 Q [epj9] y [eslI] y [afhk03] [7sl] [ka0] [wfx] [zdr0] [voh] [jpr0] [esl] [ka92] 6 9 Q [9eoh] y [epjI] y [81dfhz] [5fx] [zd8] [0hv] [CGw8] [rdz] [jpuw] [fox] [zjd92] 6 [9odh] Q [9epjG] [jlsye] [ahk03] r u o [pdj92] e y I [ofh81] t u o [tdzI] [oh] G [dz] f G h [hzywIG]

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