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Jena Airport is known as a mid sized airport in the town of Jena, Germany. This one is currently owned by LeMonde Airlines and was built by AviaDan (formerly Mrlemonade23). The airport serves as a hub for LeMonde Airlines. It has been better than all of LMD fleet.

Jena Airport operates as a hub for LeMonde Airlines. There is an unconfirmed information about this airport. It is about Jena Airport that was a focus city for iFly Airways. It also used to operate Aegean Airlines flights. However, it is stated that Aegean Airlines mostly operated LeMonde codeshares from there.

LeMonde Airlines was opened in January 2014. Currently, it has more than 18k members. This one is the second biggest Robloxian based airline, and is growing at a considerable rate. If you read the name, you will not guess that this airline is from Germany. The word “LeMonde” is a French name, meaning literally “the world”. This airline is well-known for their quality flights and customer service.

At the beginning, LeMonde was not really big, as of October 24, 2014, it had 340 members. Two days later, it had 346 members and 251 of them were passengers. 5 months since then, it had 843 members and for a coincidence, there 747 were the total of the economy passengers. The significantly fast growth made the airline reach 1000 members in March 10, 2015. 150 new members in just 3 days was impressive. In the past, the fleet was made by 4 Booeing models, 5 Airbus, 1 Embraer, 1 Sukhoi, 1 Bombardier, and 1 Bae. As for the airports, the used ones were Jena, Brest, Hamburg, Santa Barbara, and New York –JFK.

On July 2, 2015, LeMonde Airline winned 800 new members, with a total amount of 1858 members. In the last June, it had a total amount of 2440 members. 2 days after that, the amount decreased to 2425 members. It was not a problem because for September 16, 2015, it almost duplicated their total members amount in July, getting a total of 4472 members. For finishing the year of 2015, it gained 3100 new members and had a total of 7500 members.

In the early 2016, LeMonde reached 10k members with a total of 10.008. You can see that LeMonde had a big update from June 2017 to July 2017. In that time period, they ceased operations with no flights and no training, but came back at final July with a lot of great news.

As per October 16, 2017, LeMonde Airlines has got 15,307 members. It reached the 14k members some months ago and reached 15k members between August and September. In the early 2018, Minuch Airport opened its doors to the public. Later in February, another one called Amrum Airport opened its doors and will soon have a destination of Alexandria. 3 months later, the A340 had two engines removed to make it the A330. One month after that, the airline went on another development break.

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