How to Put a Roof in Bloxburg

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One of the fun thing that you can do in Bloxburg game is that you are able to make your own house and the design is up to you. If you are building a house in Bloxburg now, you probably do not know how to put the roof for your house. You have had put the wall, door and even window and floor and any other things in your house but you do not know how to put the roof.

To put a roof on your house is very simple. But first, you need to know the types of roofs which are available in Bloxburg. Roof are structures that can form the upper covering of houses and you can buy them in Build Mode. If you want to have a second or third floor, the roof should be removed and replaced with a floor as you are not able to place furniture on a roof.

Types of Roof in Bloxburg

Here some types of roofs that you can find in Build Mode.

  • Flat Roof. It costs $6.
  • Pyramid Roof. It costs $10.
  • Hip Roof. It costs $11.
  • Flat Glass Roof. It costs $12.
  • Gable Roof. It costs $12.
  • Slanted Roof. It costs $13.
  • Gambreal Roof. It costs $15.
  • Mansard Roof. It costs $16.
  • Curved Roof. It costs $18.
  • Pyramid Glass Roof. It costs $20.
  • Mansard Skylight Roof. It costs $32.

So, when you want to put roof on your house in Bloxburg, you need to choose the roof that you want to use for your house.

How to Put a Roof in Bloxburg?

To know how to put roof in Bloxburg, it is recommended for you to watch some videos about it on Youtube. Some videos that you can watch are:

  • Bloxburg Tutorials: Roofs, Floors and Some Other Stuff by Sheycara
  • Bloxburg Tutorial #Roblox #Roof Placement by Rusty
  • How to Do Automatic Flooring/ Roof in Bloxburg | Roblox by Ashly’s YouTube Album
  • Roof Tutorial! | Roblox: Bloxburg by Melizria

In the video of Sheycara, you can see that to be able to put roof is very simple. Follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to click on Build Mode that you can find in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Then, click on the wall and form it as you want.
  • You can add some doors, window or floors after it.
  • After you have done with it, now it’s time for you to put roof.
  • Click on Roof in the Build Mode and then choose the type of Roof that you want.
  • Then, click in your house and then the roof will appear there automatically.
  • If you make the Automatic Placement of the roof off, you will be able to adjust the roof and it will not appear automatically as before. So, to set it, click on Build and then choose Roof and choose one of the roof that you want and click on Close icon next to Automatic Placement.
  • If you have set the Automatic Placement off, you are able to put the roof just by clicking on every corner of your house so that you can get the entire roof now.

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