How to Kick People in Kohls Admin Commands

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In Roblox, you are able to give commands in the chat so that your Roblox avatar can perform certain actions there. In Roblox, there are some command scripts and one of them is Kohls Admin. Do you know this? Or, have you ever used this command? If you just used this and now you want to know how to kick people in Kohls Admin command, you need to read this article until the end.

Based on Roblox Wiki, Kohl’s Admin Command is an advanced chat command script and it includes the ability to enter gear and hats from the catalog and much more. This command script was created by the now-deleted Kohltastrophe. Some people usually tend to use it to replace the broken ban script from Person299 admin command script. However, it is important for you to know that there has been a controversy that the admin script was stolen from a RAT base. Now, this script commands does not maintained anymore.

Now, you may not know the commands and you want to know it including how to kick people in Kohl’s Admin Command. If you want to kick people, you are able to use this command.

:kick kohl

The command above can remove the player from the game. Here are some other commands of Admin Kohl’s.

  • :kill kohl — it will kill the player.
  • :respawn kohl — it will respawn the player.
  • :trip kohl — it will trip the player.
  • :stun kohl — it will stun the player.
  •  :jump kohl — it makes the player jump.
  •  :sit kohl — it makes the player sit.
  •  :invisible kohl — it can make the player invisible.
  •  :visible kohl — it can make the player visible.
  • :fire kohl — it can set the player on fire.
  • :unfire kohl — it can remove fire from the player.
  • :sparkles kohl — it can add sparkles to the player.
  • :unsparkles — it can remove sparkles from the player.

However, in the video of Stripedspot1 on Youtube entitled How To Kick People in Kohls Admin House Working 2019, he shows you how to be able to kick people in Kohls Admin by using script. The video was uploaded on September 7th, 2018 and now it has been watched more than 22k times. In the video, he kick people by using Skisploit. He recommends you to download the 2 scripts from he description section of the video if you want to kick people. The admin script is used to help you do it. You can see how he does it on the video. If you are to be punished, you have to do ;respawn me.

Then, in the video he says that after you open the exploit and do something with it, you have to type the name of the user that you want to kick in the blue bar in the right side of the screen and after that you have to click on Kick button.

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