How to Reset Roblox Graphics

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When you try to play Roblox, you may find an issue related to Roblox graphics and you want to fix it. But, you do not know how to fix it. You are able to try to reset it and you need to know how to do it. Resetting Roblox graphics is one of methods that you can do to fix an issue related to Roblox graphics.

If there is a problem with Roblox graphics, there are some common issues that indicate it. Those are as listed below.

  • During game play, Roblox crashes and reports a graphics error.
  • You receive a ‘graphics card is too old’ error when you are trying to launch games.
  • Getting a message which says that graphics failed to initialize.
  • While you are playing games, all games look unusual such as strange looking textures, image warping or unintelligible text.

If something happens, it must be a reason behind it. If the graphics problem happens, there are some reasons behind it and here are the reasons.

  • Graphics problem can happen because computer does not have the recent version of DirectX (Roblox requires v9 or later).
  • Graphics card does not have the recent drivers.
  • Roblox does not support Graphics card (rarely the case).
  • Player has changed Roblox graphics settings.

What do we have to do to fix this graphics problem? There are some methods that you are able to do to fix graphics problem and one of them is resetting Roblox graphics. Resetting system is one of methods that is usually done by people when something wrong happen with a device. When the graphics problem happens in Roblox, resetting Roblox graphics is one of methods that you can do to fix problem related to graphics. So, how to reset Roblox graphics? The steps to do it is very simple.

If you want to reset Roblox graphics, you are able to follow the steps that we provide below. Follow the steps carefully.

  • The first thing that you have to do to reset Roblox graphics is opening Roblox Studio.
  • After you open the Roblox Studio, then you have to open the File menu and then click on Settings.
  • Now, you have to click on OK to proceed.
  • In this step, you have to click on the Reset All Settings button and you are able to find it at the lower-left of the pop up window.

The steps that we explain above are clear to follow. But, if you like to follow steps by watching video to make you understand what you have to click, you are able to watch video tutorial about it on Youtube. One of videos that you are able to watch is a video entitled How To Reset Roblox Graphics 2017 – How To Fix Roblox Graphics Problem with Default Settings which was published by Minute Manual. This video is very short which is about 56 seconds. Now, it has bee viewed more than  70k times and liked more than 400 times.

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