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What do you know about Roblox memes? Do you come to this page to find out the information regarding Roblox memes go commit? Apparently, there are many Roblox players who are looking for this information, well let us talking about that here and make sure you do not miss any information.

Based on Roblox wikia, Roblox Memes is the internet meme source on Facebook. Usually, it abbreviated of RM. Formerly, Roblox Memes known as Memes from Robloxia. For your information, the page consists of Roblox memes to create fun of Roblox or only random memes. Since it’s creation on March 23, 2013, the page was previously an independent meme source, but on August 21, 2013 it was acquired by NikeTube Studios.

How about the content of Roblox memes? You have to know that Roblox meme’s content is posted by one person (whom left anonymus) created all the memes. Usually, most of the Roblox memes are criticized for being sexual, using the bad language such as shit or shit and fuck, the offensive towards obesity, TV shows homosexuality, or mainstream memes. Now, you may be curious to know more about Roblox memes Go commit. While the exact origin is unknown, a version of phrase is able to be traced to a YouTube video that was uploaded on Sep 28, 2017. The video entitled “Commit Die” featuring snippets of various Discord users expressing their ironic ideation of one’s death. We get information that the original popularized use of “Go Commit Die” is able to be traced to a screenshot of Roblox user “ItzMurderTime”.

According to Redditor WherewoIf, originally the screenshot was taken on January 27th, 2018. Then, on May 7th, 2018, Redditor KillSpyy submitted a deep-fried version of the screenshot that received 1,125 points (99% upvoted) within 3 months. On June 2nd, 2018, Urban Dictionary user Trains Lol submitted an entry for “go commit die”. That day, the /r/GoCommitDie[2] subreddit was launched.

In the text below, we have some examples of Roblox Memes Go Commit. Here they are:

  • Go commit neck rope
  • Go commit die
  • Go commit not feeling so good
  • Go commit die, I dont like you
  • Go commit death pacito
  • i think that you have to Go commit die
  • Go commit die, dude
  • Go commit tower jump
  • Go commit not alive
  • Go commit drink poison
  • Go commit oxygen not reach lungs
  • Go commit head in oven
  • Go commit plane building
  • Go commit extinct
  • Go commit reset character
  • Yeetus commit self deletus
  • Go commit shaggy kill thanos
  • Go commit die better
  • Go commit eat drug
  • Go commit, guys
  • Go commit reset avatar
  • Go commit not feeling good
  • Go commit cameron boys
  • Go commit ligma
  • (Roblox High School) Go commit this is America
  • Go commit fall out of nest
  • Go commit world war
  • Go commit spot endgame
  • Go commit struggle

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