How to Get Seashell Trophy Bloxburg

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In the world of one of the biggest platforms to play games called Roblox, the term Giant Seashell Trophy or just Seashell Trophy, is the name of the award. This one is the extremely rare beautiful giant seashell.

What is the usage of Giant Seashell Trophy? Actually, there is no useful usage of this kind of item other than can be used as the decoration. As it is the extremely rare beautiful thing, it is the perfect one to use as the decoration.

How to get the Giant Seashell Trophy in Bloxburg? The Giant Seashell Trophy is acquired by finding the giant seashell in the water near the observatory. For those who are not familiar with the observatory, it is the location in the city of Bloxburg. In order to find the observatory, you need to take the tunnel. You will be able to find the parking lot in front of the observatory, where all the players can park their vehicles. The observatory consists of various benches outside of the building. Those look over the daunting cliff which the observatory is located over, and into the ocean. The building hosts brown wall and rims, and the grey roof. As for the doors, they are all locked. The doors may be unlocked and the players will be able to lounge in the observatory. There is the possibility that it would either be the hangout centre.

Once you collect the giant seashell in the water near the observatory, you will find the Giant Seashell Trophy in your inventory. For your information, this trophy is able to be placed in the plot while in the build mode.

This paragraph consists of the trivia of the Giant Seashell Trophy. The Giant Seashell Trophy is the only trophy in the game that you are not able to obtain from skills or gamepasses, as it is not worth anything. The good news is that you are allowed to collect more than one giant seashell trophies.

Talking about the Giant Seashell Trophy, there are some other similar awards. Some of them are Excellent Award, Premium Trophy, and 1B Trophy. The Excellent Award is the name of the obtainable award that can be unlocked by reaching the max level of any job. This one will list the players username as well as the job they have unlocked it for. The Excellent Award is the personal plague for reaching the highest promotion level as job at location. Just like the Giant Seashell Award, this one is also can be used as the decoration on the wall which cannot be interacted with. The Premium Trophy can be obtained by buying the Premium gamepass. If you sell this item, you are able to buy it again for $10,000 in decorations. The 1B Trophy was handed out to every single member that played Bloxburg in honor of reaching one billion visits. All the players that bought the access to the game after the milestone cannot get this item.

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