How Do You Delete Decals on Roblox

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As we all know that in Roblox, you have chances to upload everything such as music and decal. You may have uploaded a decal and now you want to delete it because you accidentally uploaded the wrong one or you do not want to see that decal anymore in Roblox. How to delete it?

The reasons to delete decals are various. You may want to delete the decals that you have uploaded because you uploaded the wrong decals. Wanting to delete decals can also happen because you have uploaded too many decals. Or, you want to delete them because of other reasons. So, is it possible to delete it? If we can delete decals, how to do that?

According to some Roblox players and developers on, you are able to delete the image from your inventory but the image will stay on the site. If you want, you are able to bookmark it and if you permit copying, you are able to take it again later. How to delete it? If you want to delete the decal that you have uploaded, you are able to go to the decal and then click on the three dots in the top right side of the decal. Then, there will be some options such as Delete, Configure and Advertise. Since you want to delete it, so you have to click on Delete.

This rule is probably not suitable with your wish because the decal still stay in the site but actually you really want to delete it permanently. Another Roblox player also complain about in the DevForum Roblox site about this rule. He also realizes that sometimes a developer accidentally uploads the wrong asset. Then, sometimes they upload an asset and then the rules change. Or, a developer’s account gets taken over and rule-breaking assets are uploaded onto their account. Because of these cases, he though that developer should have the chance to acknowledge and also delete the rule-breaking asset from the website on their own because they are the one who create or upload it. Furthermore, he also adds that Roblox developers or players who upload decals should not have to risk account moderation, termination when they are already aware of the problem and want to fix it.

So, that person realizes that the asset or decal that he uploaded did not belong to Roblox but he had no way to remove it from the website. So, it is better if Roblox changes the rules so that it will make the developers who upload decals or asset safer. If you want to know more about the discussion, you are able to visit where the name of the discussion is Deleting Uploaded Assets. If you have any ideas or if you have something to talk or something to ask to, you are able to do that in that forum.

If you are in the forum, make sure that you use polite words and respect other people and also respect the opinion of other people.

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