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Coeptus refers to a game developer best known for creating one of the most popular games on Roblox called Welcome to Bloxburg. The man has a Twitter account that he uses to update fans about his game and share their in game creations.

A game developer called Coeptus has won 4 awards for his game at the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards. The first award is Favorite Update Game. The second one is Best Custom Items. The third one is Highest Rated. The fourth one is Most Returning.

This paragraph consists of the trivia of Coeptus. Apparently, Coeptus is the only well-known game developer to use the traditional Noob appearance as his avatar. Due to unknown reasons, this game developer has two of The High Seas: Beatrix The Pirate Queen – Hat in his collection page.

When you are playing Bloxburg, you might meet Coeptus, there is a possibility of you to meet Coeptus. There is a Roblox player with a Youtube channel called Green Lion that met the developer of Bloxburg unexpectedly. He called Coeptus a legend. At the time, he gathered his confidence to talk to Coeptus. He did not lose the chance to ask for the developer to visit his house as he knew everyone wanted to know the house of Coeptus in Bloxburg. Fortunately, Coeptus agreed and took him to visit his house. Coeptus house in Bloxburg was really big. It had two floors. The player had a privilege to have a tour around the house of Coeptus and Coeptus was kind enough to guide him. Inside the house looked so big even though there were a lot of furniture. The player visited Coeptus house when Christmas so the vibe was warm with the Christmas tree and some other accessories of Christmas. One of the most interesting about the house of Coeptus was the existence of a library. There were a lot of books and the place looked really cozy for healing. Aside from that, Copetus also had a music room. The room was full of the instruments like a grand piano. The view outside the house was as interesting as inside. The house was surrounded with a green space. There were a couple of tree and some street light. It was also as wide as the inside. In addition, there was a a garage. This one looked really wide, especially when there were not many cars.

A Roblox player named Green Lion did not only had a privilege to meet the developer of Bloxburg called Coeptus and visited his house but also had a privilege to sleepover there and even made some food in the kitchen. He looked like someone who lived there and was not a guest.

This story tells that Coeptus is really kind to everyone. Do you want to meet Coeptus and have the same privilege as Green Lion? What will you do if time comes? The chance of meeting him might be low but there is still a possibility.

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