Winning in Arsenal without a Golden Knife

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In laser tag gamemode, you need 32 kills to win and you have to use the Golden Gun and the Golden Knife. By the way, do you can win in Roblox Arsenal without a Golden knife or Golden gun? We think that it is very impossible for you to win in Roblox Arsenal without you use the Golden Knife or Golden Gun.

You have to note that the Golden Knife is the final weapon in every gamemode of Roblox Arsenal except Randomizer FFA/TDM being either the 32nd weapon or 16th weapon in Concussion Mania and Non-Standard modes respectively. After you get a kill or an assist, assists only count if the victim commits suicide with the Golden Knife, so you are going to win the game, although the stomps can be used as a substitute method of killing. The victim is going to turn into a golden statue when killed. So, we are able to say that you cannot win in Roblox Arsenal without using a Golden Knife.

There is one difference between the Golden Knife and the regular knife besides the golden coating. You are able to double-jump with the Golden Knife, as with the Squeaky Toy Hammer. This allow for easy mobility and rooftop access to jump onto unsuspecting victims. Aside from that, the stats are no different.



  • Golden Knife is able to instantly kill a player by backstabbing.
  • It is quick mobility.
  • It allow you to double Jump.
  • A kill with it will make you win the game.


  • Only players who are close range can be killed with the Golden knife.
  • It has slow rate of stab.

Here are some information that you have to know related the Golden Knife:

  • The Golden Knife used to headstab. This dealing 150 damage in the face.
  • The Golden Knife is the first melee Weapon which allow its users to double-jump.
  • If you get a kill using the Golden Knife, it will grants the badge Golden Touch which awards a free character crate.
  • Another badge named the Podium of Gold is granted once the top three players have the golden knife.
  • The Golden Knife’s ability to double-jump was added on July 9th, 2019. This made getting kills easier.
  • This is the only weapon in which an assist will not progress the player to the next level.
  • There are a few knife skins that do not turn gold at the golden knife that are Ban Hammer and Fisticuffs.
  • The image of Golden Knife with Pencil skin on the killchart says “WICK’D”.
  • The Golden Knife is based from the golden knife ability from CS:GO where if you win the points of arms race game mode, you are going to get a golden knife and you will need to kill an opponent to win and gain XP points.
  • The golden weapons may be a reference to Team Fortress 2’s Golden Frying Pan and the Saxxy.

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