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If now you are playing Breaking Point game on Roblox, you maybe come here because you need the Breaking Point Commands. We are going to inform you about it but first it is better for you to know about the Breaking Point game and what command in Roblox is.

Breaking Point is one of horror games in Roblox. If you like playing horror games or you like something horror, it is better for you to try to play this game. This game was created by Paradox on February 8th, 2017. On August 4th, 2019 was the last update of the game when this article was being created. Breaking Point game can be played by 16 maximum players.  Until now, this game has been visited more than  154.4 million times with more than 1.3 million favorites and more than 445K likes.

In Breaking Point game, you are able to play it with other players since it is a multiplayer game. In the game, you and other players will sit in a table trying to kill each other. The winner of the game is the last standing player. In this game, several game modes are available. Those are Russian Roulette, Everything, Musical Chairs, Who Did It, Duck Duck Stab, Free For All, Juggernaut, Hot Potato, BP Pillars, Duel Vote, Breaking Point, Gunslinger, Kill Row, and A Turn For The Worst.

Now, what is command? Command is a script which permitting certain Roblox users to do certain actions in a game by using commands which are generally given through the chat or a GUI text box. The scripts of command will accept commands and some of which will also accept arguments which will be separated from each others and from the command using a separator character. The most common separators are space and the ‘/’ character. For your information, some commands will  need commands to be prefixed by a symbol like the exclamation mark to differentiate commands from normal chat if the command script uses the chat or listen for commands. There are some popular commands in Roblox such as HD Admin, Kohl’s Admin Infinite, Person299’s Admin V3, Kohl’s Admin Commands, Adonis, Quenty’s GUI Admin, Corecii’s Admin, WCommands, and Havemeat’s Admin.

How about the Breaking Point Commands? Here they are.

  • !hangman
  • !vote [MAP NAME]. This command is used to choose the map.
  • !join [GAMEMODE]. This command allow you to join a game mode instantly.
  • !richest. This command display the richest person in the sever.
  • !mute. This command will mute radios.
  • /hidet. This command will hide knife trail.
  • /showt. This command shows knife trail.
  • :dab:. This command will show a fun miku dabbing in chat.
  • :rage:. This command will show an anime gif of a triggered girl in chat.
  • oof:
  • cat:
  • dab:
  • bruh:
  • facepalm:
  • nou:
  • fr:

You are able to try to use these commands when you are playing Breaking Point game on Roblox. If you find some other commands, you are able to add them in the comment section below.

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