How to Transfer Robux to Friends

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There is a friend on Roblox and he really needs Robux. You want to transfer Robux to him but you do not know how to do it and even you are not sure whether it is possible to transfer Robux to friends in Roblox.

First, the thing that you need to know is that you can transfer Robux to your friend on Roblox. Even there are several ways to transfer your Robux to your friends. First way to transfer Robux to your friends on Roblox is through Trading System. However, if you use this method, you and your friend need to be a member of Builders Club. You as a sender and your friend as a receiver need to enable the Trade feature. You are able to enable it by accessing Privacy under your Account Settings.

How to trade Robux by using Trading System? First, you have to navigate to the profile of the receiver and then tap on the three dots that you can find in the upper right hand corner near his of her username and other information. It will open up a menu for you  and then you have to find and click on Trade Items. After that, on the window that opens up, you are able to select the amount of Robux that you want to transfer. You need to note that it will ask you transaction fees of 30% on every transaction. Now, after you have raised a trade, you have to submit it and then you will be notified via a private message about the trade.

The second way that you are able to do to transfer Robux to your friends on Roblox is via Donating. If you want to use this method to transfer some Robux to your friend, you have to ask him or her to make a T-shirt or other clothing and then they sell the T-shirt to you for Robux. In Roblox, it is known as Donation T-shirt. If you are still confused how to do that, here we provide you the steps to do that.

  • First, the receiver must make a clothing and to make it, he needs to have a Builders Club membership. After he makes it, you can ask him to upload the clothing which is Donation Item to the catalog and mention the price.
  • After that, you have to go to Roblox, log in there to your account and then go to Catalog.
  • There, you have to search for the Donation item by entering its name and then look for the name of the creator.
  • Now, purchase the item.

This method is very easy, isn’t it? However, from these two methods, we can conclude that everyone needs to have Builders Club membership. By having Builders Club membership, they will have a lot of advantages than those who do not have Builders Club membership. So, it is recommended for Roblox users to be member of Builders Club.

If you and your friend who needs Robux have Builders Club membership, now you can transfer your Robux to him or her immediately by using one of the methods above.

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