How to Sell Limited Items on Roblox

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The term “Limited” is a label given to Roblox Catalog items available in finite quantities. Initially, all of them are regular items sold by Roblox for a set price until they are taken off sale and if the item is later chosen to become Limited they may be traded for the other items or re-sold for Robux by those who have the active premium membership.

Every limited item is classes as “collectibles” by Roblox. It means that some copies of a certain Limited items can be attained and stored in the inventory of the user. Everything is quintessential part of the trading system, and in practice function quite similarly to tradable and or sell-able items in the other virtual economies such as the Steam Community Market. They can be quite volatile in their values. For instance, one day the Beautiful Hair for Beautiful Space People could be worth 3,040 Robux in RAP and the next day go down to 2,792. Actually, this kind of volatility also depends on how highly demanded the Limited item is, its stability, and how many copies of it are in circulation.

Limited unique or LimitedU items can be described as those which are sold in particular quantities with a fixed price upon release and immediately become available for resale or tradable once sold out, compared to limited items which in general go off sale as regular items until they are manually chosen to be limited.

Furthermore about LimitedU, they are also serial numbers attached to the item depending on when the item was purchased. Those items are often seen as more valuable than the regular limited items, and this is amplified by demand for certain serial numbers which also signify when the unique copy was purchased from Roblox (#1, #42, #1337, and so on). For the release times, Roblox account is most often expected to publish the new limited unique items during the weekend and when the certain hours start.

Currently, only account with a membership is able to participate in private selling. In addition, as with trading, only items named as Limited or Limited U are able to be sold. If a certain item is Limited or Limited U, there will be an icon declaring it as such underneath the picture of the item when viewing its details page of when browsing the Roblox Catalog.

In order to sell an item that meets the requirements mentioned above, the first thing that you have to do is to go to its details page. Once you are there, click the three dots located above the box that contains the price and Buy Now buttons. Then, choose Sell in the menu that displayed. After that, you will be given a box that allows you to set your price. Please be careful during the pricing process. In case you set the wrong price and it sells (a cheap price is able to cause the item to sell almost immediately), Roblox will not be able to reverse the transaction.

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