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Roblox Stands Online is the name of the Roblox fan-game. This one is based off of the popular anime or manga called Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure by Hirohiko Araki. It was created by the Roblox developer Bawxcat, who has worked on some games before this, including Dragon Ball Infinity Saga and Clashblox.

In the game called Stands Online, “Stands” are the most commonly seen ability in the game. In order to obtain a Stand, the player has to track down a Stand Arrow or a Requiem Arrow and pierce themselves with it. After being pierced, you will obtain a completely randomized Stand, with various colors, bodies, and heads. Along with this, each Stand possesses the unique Pose that is able to be activated by pressing the G key.

There are stand stats in Roblox Stands Online. Stands stats can be defined as the data values that represent the strength, speed, ability potency, and growth rate of the Stands. For your information, every tick of the stat meter is equal to around a 0.2x bonus to one’s stats. Stand Power is able to increase the effectiveness of strength based attacks on a scale of 0.2x-2.0x. actually, it depends on how full the meter is. Stand Speed can increase the speed your stand will attack at on a scale of 0.2x-2.0x depending on how full the meter is. Stand Special can increase the effectiveness of special based attacks on a scale of 0.2x-2.0x depending on how full the meter is. As for the Developmental Potential. It can increase how much your level impacts your Stand’s strength damage on a scale of 0.2x-2.0x depending on how full the meter is. Please take a note that depending on how full the meter for a stat is, the color of the meter will change, with blue meaning that stat is maxed out.

Each Stand has 3 Moves, but you may only see 1 or 2 of them when you first obtain your Stand. Every move has a needed level, with 2 exceptions. The 1st move is unlocked right away, the 2nd move is unlocked at level 101, and the 3rd move is unlocked when you evolve your stand. The Over Heaven evolution unlocks the 3rd move instantly, but the Requiem evolution requires for you to be level 201 before you unlock the 3rd move.

Roblox Stands Online can be separated with the script. The script of Roblox Stands Online is the LUA language. If you want to find the script of Roblox Stands Online, there is a site named Pastebin that you can visit. Pastebin is the perfect one when it comes to the script. Here is the script of Roblox stands Online that you will be able on Pastebin.

while true do

local a =“BillboardGui”)

local b =“BillboardGui”)

local c =“BillboardGui”)

local d =“BillboardGui”)

local e =“BillboardGui”)

local l =“ScreenGui”)

for i, v in pairs(game.Workspace:GetChildren()) do

if v:FindFirstChild(“Arrow”) then

a.Parent = v.Arrow.Handle

a.AlwaysOnTop = true

You can copy the script of Roblox Stands Online above and paste it later in Roblox. For further information about it, please visit Pastebin.

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