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In Roblox, users have the ability to customize their avatar so that their avatar can look as what they want. They can make their avatar look rich, awesome, trendy, cool, police-like, monster-like and many other things. If your avatar is a girl and you want to make it like a rich person, you can make it.

If you have a lot of Robux, it will be easy for you to customize your avatar to be rich person because by using the Robux you will be able to buy any items in Roblox from the cheap one to the expensive one. If you do not have any idea of being rich person girl in Roblox, you are able to see other people’s avatars and make them as your inspiration.

Here, we have some Roblox profiles with rich girl look and hopefully it can be your inspiration. First, there is Tigerlover012345. This Roblox profile is now wearing Mischief Tail, Party Shoulder Gator, Obvious Spy Cap, Kitty Ears, #Black – Silver Ombre Extensions, Black and Red Hair, Frost Guard General’s Sword, Sparkling Angel Wings, Holiday Crown, and [KYLIE] Classic Black Outfit with Boots. For body parts, she uses Levitation Climb, Levitation Swim, Levitation Fall, Woman Head, Levitation Jump, Bubbly Walk, Levitation Run, Bubbly Idle, Frost Guard General Right Arm, Woman Left Arm, Frost Guard General Left Leg, Woman Torso and Hut Hut Hike Face. If you check her profile now, she is very great with this outfit. She wears a lot of things so that it makes her look rich.

Then, you can also see the Roblox profile of DailySoccermaster12. The things that she wears are not as many as Tigerlover012345. But she also looks rich with the outfit that she is wearing now. Now, DailySoccermaster is wearing Yawn Face, Black and Red Hair, Holiday Crown, Obvious Spy Cap, Bear Face Mask, ripped pants w/ Adidas, and Ami Squad Supreme Lv. For body parts, she uses Frost Guard General Left Leg, Roblox Girl Right Leg, Robox Girl Left Arm, Roblox Girl Torso, Woman Head, Bubbly Idle, and Frost Guard General Right Arm. The things that she is wearing is almost the same as Tigerlover012345. However, they look different.

If you want to look rich, you can also try to buy branded outfit such as Supreme, Gucci, Nike, Fila and many other branded outfit. Then, you can add some expensive accessories to make your glowing like a rich girl. Some of accessories that can make you look rich are Golden Crown which is R$ 900, Royal Crown which is R$ 7,000, Princely Crown which is R$ 2,600, Gilded Triad Crown which is R$ 160 and many other crowns. If you like, you can also buy a necklace which looks expensive such as Necklace O’ Gold which is R$ 250, Snakelace which is R$ 1,000, Redcliff Pendant which is R$ 125, Bling Necklace which is R$ 300 and many more.

So, if you want to look rich, you have to be able to mix and match the outfit of your Roblox avatar. Even if you do not have a lot of Robux, you still can make your avatar look rich as long as you can choose the right outfit for her.

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