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Emoji is something that is common to use in daily life when we send messages with other people. Even, from time to time the forms of emoji is improved and the number of emoji is increased. Now, you can use the emoji of a girl in various skin tone and othet specific emoji such as ribbon, cake, arrow and many more can be found and used.

The definition of emoji is ideogram and smiley that are used in electronic messages and also web pages. Emoji appears in a wide range of genres such as facial expressions, places, common objects, and types of weather and also animals. Emoji almost same as emoticons but emojis are actual pictures instead of typographics. The most of you may not know where the word “emoji” comes from. The word ’emoji’ comes from Japanese. It consists of ‘e’ which means picture and ‘moji’ which means character. Emoji is increasingly famous worldwide in the 2010s after it was added to some mobile operating systems.

Now the question is, can we make a custom text emoji for Discord? If you are Discord users, you may be curious whether we can make a custom text emojis in Discord or not. The answer is yes. You can make custom text emojis. If you try to search website that allow you to make custom text emoji for Discord, you will find a website named jtprince.com/discord. When you go to https://jtprince.com.discord/, you will find there is empty box where you can enter or paste some text into that box. It can convert letters, numbers and some symbols to Discord-style emoji. To do that, enter or paste some words in the box and then the results will appear in the bow below the first box. Hit the copy button that you can find in the right side of the second box ad paste it into a Discord channel. The method to make custom text emoji in this site is very easy and simple. Everyone can do it by themselves.

If in the previous paragraph we explain how to make custom text emoji for Discord, now we are going to explain how to upload custom emoji to a Discord server. Do you know how to that? If you are a veteran, you maybe know how to do that, but if you are new users of Discord, you may not know how to do that.

To upload custom emoji to a Discord, you have to start it by opening Discord. After opening Discord in your device, next step you have to choose a server. For your information, servers are listed along the left side of the screen. You also need to know that emoji that you upload can only be used on the server that you choose. Next, click on three lines near the top of the screen to the right of the name of the server. Then, click on Server Setting in the left column and after that you have to click on Emoji in the left column. Now, you have to click on Upload Emoji at the top right corner of the screen. Choose emoji that you want to upload and then click on Open or Save.

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