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The username and the password are two important things when it comes to Roblox. Without these two, you will not able to enter the platform and play the game. However, there are some users who forget their own usernames and passwords. Password, especially, is quite hard to remember if it consists of complicated things or you have too much passwords for the other accounts.

For those who are wondering your password on Roblox, you will need to reset it and create a new one. There are two ways of resetting the password. The first one is resetting using the email and the second one is resetting using the phone number. Feel free to try any method to rest your password on Roblox.

If you want to reset the password using the email, here are all the steps that you need to follow:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to choose “Forgot your username/password?” on the Login page.

2. Then, enter the email address in the Email box and hit the Submit button. Please make sure to type your email address exactly as you entered that thing on your account.

3. After that, press the Reset Password button or click the link in the email. If you only have one Roblox account, this one will open a page to enter to your new password. If you have more than just one Roblox account, you will go to a page listing all of your accounts. In this case, please select the account you want to reset.

4. When everything is done, you have to enter and conform your new password, and then press the Submit button. If the email does not seem to arrive, please check your junk or spam folders.

If you want to reset the password on Roblox using a phone number, here is every instruction that should be done:

1. Choose “Forgot your username/password?” on the Login page.

2. Choose “Use phone number to reset password”.

3. Choose your country code.

4. Enter the phone number in the Phone Number box and hit the Submit button.

5. Choose Verify and complete the process. This one will send a 6 digit code to your phone.

6. Enter the code in the box saying “Enter Code (6-digit) and hit the Verify button.

7. Enter and confirm the new password and hit the Submit button.

If you are still having the trouble, you can open the page of Troubleshoot Technical Issues. This page can be found in the official website of Roblox. If it does not help at all, it is better for you to contact the customer service of Roblox describing your login issue in detail. Explain your situation as clear as possible so the representative of Roblox can help you and your issue right away. Please keep in mind that all Roblox players must verify the ownership of the Roblox account before it is able to be reset or any information changed.

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