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There are a lot of Robux quizes floating around the internet. Robux quizes mean the quizes that can give you Robux if you succeed. One of them is on the site called Nerd Test User Tests. This quiz offer free Robux if you get over 50%. If you rate the quiz 5, you will be able to get a bonus 10k Robux. Here is the quiz.

1. Is Roblox better than MC?

a. No
b. Yes
c. Too personal to tell you noob

2. What is the main currency in Roblox?

a. GoldBux
b. Robux
c. RoDollars
d. Pounds
e. Green
f. Tix

3. What is builders club?

a. The thing that you buy and you get the daily currency to unlock the new things
b. I do not know
c. That monkey eats the potato
d. It gives you Robux and you get everything on the catalog free

4. How to move in Roblox?

a. You press ESC then W then Q then Y then W again
b. W, A, S, D arrow keys
c. Potato

d. How should I know?

5. I do not know I will think of one for next question

a. OK

b. I do not know

6. Do you want Robux? Press “Yes” to get some percentage

a. No
b. Savage
c. Swag
d. Yes, I want percentage
e. Yes

7. Do you like Roblox?
a. No
b. Duh yes
c. Wow what do you mean? I am a noob

8. Does Roblox have a Youtube channel?

a. I do not know
b. Yes
c. No

9. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

a. Ha
b. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
c. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

10. You enjoying this

a. No, worst test ever
b. I am going to rate 1
c. Yes best

Please answer all the questions well without leaving any questions and then click the Submit button when you are done. After clicking the Submit button, you will be able to see the result. So, do you think you can answer all the questions and get free Robux?

Aside from the Robux quizes on the sites, there are also a lot of Robux quizes in the term of apps. There is an app for the users of the Apple products that you can try. This app is called Robuxian Quiz for Robux made by Fabio Piccio. Robuxian Quiz for Robux is the great quiz for Roblox fans. Let’s see how much you know about the game Roblox. it is the quiz app with weekly updated questions about the game and you are also able to win free Robux. You can test your knowledge againts your friends in the amazing quiz app with always up to date questions. Please keep in mind that this quiz is unofficial. It is just a fan made Roblox trivia app and has no affiliation with Roblox Corporation. You can try with your own risk.

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