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Roblox Ultimate Trolling GUI is the name of the game on the platform named Roblox. This one was created by the creator named Makaradadd on November 23, 2017. Since the first time its release, it has gained 3,533 favorites, more than 199.4k visits, and has been played 27 times.

In the game called Roblox Ultimate Trolling GUI, you are able to fight people with some cool script that the creator have made. The remake version of the Roblox Ultimate Trolling GUI is as awesome as the real version.

As stated before, you are able to fight people with some cool script that the creator have made. If you want to find the script of Roblox Ultimate Trolling GUI, you can just visit a site named Pastebin. Pastebin is the perfect site to visit when it comes to script like the script of the Ultimate rolling GUI. What’s so good about this site is the fact that you will not be required to sign in to the site to get the access. When you are there, you can just head to the Search bar and type “Ultimate Trolling GUI” as the keyword. After you hit the Search or Enter button, you will be able to see the result.

Apparently, there are more than just one results related to Ultimate Trolling GUI. one of them was posted by a guest on April 14, 2019. Here is the script of Roblox Ultimate Trolling GUI:

  1. –[[
  2.   Credit to einsteinK.
  3.   Credit to Stravant for LBI.
  5.   Credit to the creators of all the other modules used in this.
  7.   Sceleratis was here and decided modify some things.
  9.   einsteinK was here again to fix a bug in LBI for if-statements
  10. –]]
  11. local waitDeps = {
  12.   ‘Rerubi’;
  13.   ‘LuaK’;
  14.   ‘LuaP’;
  15.   ‘LuaU’;
  16.   ‘LuaX’;
  17.   ‘LuaY’;
  18.   ‘LuaZ’;
  19. }
  20. for i,v in pairs(waitDeps) do script:WaitForChild(v) end
  21. local luaX = require(script.LuaX)
  22. local luaY = require(script.LuaY)
  23. local luaZ = require(script.LuaZ)
  24. local luaU = require(script.LuaU)
  25. local rerubi = require(script.Rerubi)
  26. luaX:init()
  27. local LuaState = {}
  28. getfenv().script = nil
  29. return function(str,env)
  30.   local f,writer,buff,name
  31.   local env = env or getfenv(2)
  32.   local name = (env.script and env.script:GetFullName())
  33.   local ran,error = pcall(function()
  34.       local zio = luaZ:init(luaZ:make_getS(str), nil)
  35.       if not zio then return error() end
  36.       local func = luaY:parser(LuaState, zio, nil, name or “::Adonis::Loadstring::”)
  37.       writer, buff = luaU:make_setS()
  38.       luaU:dump(LuaState, func, writer, buff)
  39.       f = rerubi(, env)
  40.   end)
  42.   if ran then
  43.       return f,
  44.   else
  45.       return nil,error
  46.   end
  47. End

Aside from the full version of Roblox Ultimate Trolling GUI script, in the same site and the same page on Pastebin, you are able to find the RAW paste data of it. Feel free to get which version of Roblox Ultimate Trolling GUI script that you want.

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