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On Roblox, there is a game called Roblox Breaking Point. It is a game where multiple players sit in a table attempting to kill each other players. In this game, the winner is the last standing player. For your information, there are multiple Game modes.

Talking about the game of Roblox Breaking Point, if you like playing that game, we are sure that you will be familiar with Roblox Breaking Point Value list. Well, here in this article we are going to discuss about the value list for Roblox Breaking Point. Just keep to read this entire article if you want to know its information. Here is a last values update on July 22, 2019. You have to remember that the value list will be updated regularly. For note: All values may or may not be accurate. They were sourced from the trading.

Divine Value List

Key:U= Unwanted, L= Low, S= Stable, H= High, EH= Extremely High A= Available, SO= Seasonal Only (Only available at certain times), N= Not Obtainable (except through trading) C= Crafting CN= Crafting, however one or more of the components of the item are unobtainable.


Raincloud: 1 Azure| Demand L| Obtainability A

Fireworks 1 Azure|Demand H| Obtainability A

Knife Accessories

Neon Red/Neon Green/Neon White- 2 Azures+ 1 Legendary each| Demand S| Obtainability SO

Bat Guard- 3 Azures| Demand EH| Obtainability SO

Neon Christmas- 3 Azures| Demand H| Obtainability SO

Chair Skins

All other chairs from the Legendary case except Royal are worth 2 Azures.

Royal- 1 Legendary| Demand U| Obtainability A

Radioactive: 3 Azures| Demand S| Obtainability A

Devil: 6 Azures| Demand EH| Obtainability A

Decay- 20 Azures| Demand EH| Obtainability SO

Hallow- 16 Azures| Demand EH| Obtainability SO

Pumpkin- 5 Azures| Demand L| Obtainability SO

Latern- 9 Azures| Demand S| Obtainability N

Vibrant- 30 Azures| Demand EH| Obtainability CN

Forest Devil: 27 Azures| Demand H| Obtainability CN

Royal Red- 15 Azures| Demand EH| Obtainability N

Legendary Knifes

All Legendary knifes that are still obtainable are worth one Legendary.

Other unobtainable Legendary knifes that are not listed here are worth one Azure.

Green Edge- 3 Azures| Demand EH| Obtainability N|

Violet Edge- 3 Azures| Demand EH | Obtainability N|

Pink Edge- 1 Azure | Demand S | Obtainability N|

Ice Crown- 11 Azures | Demand EH | Obtainability SO|

Rose- 5 Azures| Demand H| Obtainability SO

Quartz 5 Azures| Demand EH| Obtainability SO

All other obtainable legendary guns are worth 2 Rares.

Divine Guns

Skyline: 2 Azures| Demand H| Obtainability A

Retro 2 Legendaries| Demand L| Obtainability C

Ruby 1 Azure + 2 Legendaries| Demand S| Obtainability

Peak 1 Azure| Demand L| Obtainability C

Flare: Owner may assign value |Demand EH| Obtainability N

Divine Knifes

Azure 3 Legendaries | Demand L |Obtainability CN

Radiant 13 Azures | Demand S | Obtainability CN

Phantom 25 Azures | Demand H | Obtainability SO

Eternal 19 Azures | Demand S | Obtainability SO

Fracture 10 Azures | Demand S | Obtainability CN

Cosmic 28 Azures| Demand EH | Obtainability SO

Aureus 235 Azures | Demand EH | Obtainability N

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