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Egg Farm Simulator is known as the game on Roblox. This one is where you kill or feed chickens for eggs. Then, you use the eggs to buy farmers to farm even more eggs and become the best egg farmer in the world. do you want to know more about this game? Please check out the entire article.

At the start of the Egg Farm Simulator, you will start alone, obtaining more farmers using eggs. As stated in the previous paragraph, you obtain eggs from chickens. There are the farmers that will help you to kill or feed the chickens in different ways so having more farmers is better due to the fact that the chickens will be stronger and need more manpower in order to dominate them. Do not forget that it is important to persevere in the beginning and not become impatient, as it becomes easier as you progress and even more so when you retire.

In the Egg Farmer Simulator, there is a term called rebirth. Rebirth is the name of the feature in the game called Egg Farm Simulator that allows you to obtain golden eggs for the cost of your farm, your farmers, your white eggs, and your Easter eggs. You can do this by interacting with the phoenix on the last island of the private farm.

According to Wiki, the number of the golden eggs you receive after rebirthing is dependent on your total black eggs earned since your last rebirth. For the golden eggs, they are used to bu the phoenix eggs. In order to rebirth, you have to beat the level 300 in the game.

Here s the formula of Rebirth Power or RP:

Rebirth power as a percentage:


In this case, GE means the total number of GE you need in order to give a certain Rebirth Power (RP)


This paragraph will inform you about the basic knowledge of Egg Farm Simulator. Apparently, your damage per second is 128 damage per second. Basically, the more farmers you have the more damage you have. Farmers are also able to be upgraded for damage boosts for them, for you or even for the other farmers. Two things called Easter eggs and elemental eggs also effect your damage per second. Meanwhile, 23 attack damage is your attack damage. You are able to get more damage from upgrading Master Pai Mei or even more Easter eggs and elemental eggs.

Aside from the basic knowledge and the rebirth, another thin that you have to know is the retirement. Retirement is the term to call the unlocked when Queen Elizabeth II is level 150. This one will allow you to collect any black eggs that you have earned by defeating the mutated bosses and leveling up farmers.

For details information about rebirth and the game called egg Farm Simulator in general, you can visit the place such as Wiki. the community of Egg Farm Simulator also can be a good source of information. If needed, you can also ask the creator of the game.

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