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A lot of sites which offer Robux for free. It can be gained by downloading apps, watching videos, doing surveys, taking a quiz, or generating Robux directly just by entering your username and the amount of Robux that you want to get. How about RBXFree.com? How to get free robux from this site? Is is real?

RBXFree.com is a site where they claim that you are able to get free Robux. When you access the site, you will have to enter your Roblox account name and then click on Continue button. When we access the site, we tried to enter the fake account. We just enter random letters and you know what? We can login to the RBX Free site. From this, you may be able to guess whether this site is real or not. Logically, the real site will verified the real account, right?

How to Get Free Robux from RBXFree.com?

When you scroll down the site, you will be able to see the steps to earn free Robux in that site and the steps are:

  • First, you have to login by entering your Roblox username but do not enter your password.
  • Second, you have to picks some offers from any lists. Here, you will spend about 2 minutes to get 20 RBX or 2 hours to get 1,000 RBX.
  • After completing offers, you are able to withdraw Robux by move that delicious gree RBX into your game account.

What can we do if we cannot get free Robux from RBX Free site? If you have completed the offers but you cannot get the reward, you are able to wait for 24 hours. You also need to know that some offers may take time to complete. If after 24 hours you do not get the reward, you can use the Support button and then follow the prompts.

Based on RBX Free, there are some reasons why you may not have been rewarded.

  • You have downloaded the apps before complete the offer.
  • You have filled in fake information.
  • You did not fully complete the requirements of the offer.
  • There is an ad blocker in your PC when you complete the offer.

Is RBXFree.com Real?

If you access the Help section of the RBXFree.com site, there are Questions of Answers and one of them is about whether this site is real or not. You can see that they claim that RBXFree.com is real. In addition, they said that if you can complete each offer, you will be rewarded RBX automatically by the site and then you are able to withdraw it to your Roblox account. Even they do not ask your password or any other sensitive information.

However, you surely know that there is no cheater who will admit that they are cheater. Based on Roblox, there is no free Robux. If you see a site, a game or even a person who offer you free Robux by following the steps that that ask, it is a scam. RBXFree.com is one of sites which offer free Robux and maybe this site is also scam. But, to prove whether it is scam or not, you can try it by yourself. If you want to try, make sure that you are watchful.

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