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If you just found a game in Roblox named Plane Crazy, you may not have any idea how to play it. You do not know what button that you have to press when controlling the game. So, it is better for you to read this article to find out.

In Roblox, Plane Crazy is a game which was created by madattak on July 16th, 2014. As of August 22nd, 2019, this game was last updated on August 20th, 2019. This game can be played by 10 maximum players in each server. Now, this game has been visited more than 10.2 million times and has been favorited more than 108K times with more than 35K likes.

Now, this game is developed by rickje139. In this game, you are able to build your own crazy vehicle, planes, car, boats, rockets, drones or a combination of all of them. For peaceful building or facing off with your friends, this game features both a pvp and non pvp mode. This game is free for everyone so you are able to play this game any time you want, even though you do not have any Robux. In this game, there are three game badges that you are able to gained and those are Alpha Tester, Winter Event 2019 Completion, and Summer Event 2019 Completion.

When you build a plane in this game, the yellow would be the mass and the blue is the lift. If you find that there is too low lift will, it means that it cannot fly. So, if you want to have perfect flight, the yellow and blue circles should be overlapping. However, it is possible to fly a plane without them overlapping.

If you want to play in a VIP server, you need to pay for R$ 10 and the owner can select whether to have PVP enabled or disabled. When you join this game, you will be spawned at a random base. If this is your first time to join the game, you will have to complete a tutorial. In the tutorials, you will be shown how to get started and how to build a basic plane. Besides, you will also be given some helpful information in it. So, you do not have to be worried about how to control the game because you will get this.

For helping you more, you can also watch some video tutorial in Youtube and one of the videos that you can watch is a video of Heath Haskins entitled Roblox – Plane Crazy – Tutorial. In this video, he shows you the tutorial of the game such as building your first vehicle. To do that, you can open the build menu by clicking the orange build button that you can find in the bottom left. Then, you can make the base of your plane first. Click on place blocks and build along the transparent line of blocks. Do you want to know what else that you have to do? You can watch the video until the end.

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