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Builders Club or BC was the name of the premium membership that granted Roblox users extra privileges on Roblox which could not be obtained by non Builders Club users, such as the daily Robux stipend or the ability to make shirts and pants.

There were three kinds of Builders Club membership that a Roblox user could have purchased. Those were Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, and Outrageous Builders Club. Then, how to upgrade Roblox faster? You can upgrade your Builders Club membership by buying the new rank of Builders Club for the account. Basically, Roblox will replace the existing benefits with the newly bought ones when you buy the new membership rank. Roblox also will convert any remaining days on the current membership into the equivalent number of days of the new membership rank. The good news is that money spent on the previous membership days is not lost.

Conversion of days:

  1. Builders Club are divided by two to convert to Turbo Builders Club
  2. Builders Club are divided by three to convert to Outrageous Builders Club

On September 23, 2019, Builders Club was replaced entirely by a thing called Roblox Premium. What is Roblox Premium? The term Roblox Premium is used to call the paid membership that replaces the traditional Builders Club. This one is primarily a rebranding, as most of the newest benefits were also provided with the Builders Club.

According to Wiki, the membership plans for Roblox Premium are categorized by how much monthly Robux they provide. Compared to the traditional Builders Club, each membership shares the same name and icons rather than having distinct one, and Robux is provided all at once after every renewal date instead of gradually each day.

Current monthly Premium plans:

Type Price (USD) Equivalence
Roblox Premium 450 $ 4.99 Builders Club
Roblox Premium 1000 $ 9.99 Turbo Builders Club
Roblox Premium 2200 $ 19.99 Outrageous Builders Club

Here is the comparison of the benefits of Roblox Builders Club and Roblox Premium:

Benefits Premium Builders Club
Robux allowance Tier 1: 450/month

Tier 2: 1000/month

Tier 3: 220/month

Builders Club: 15/day

Turbo Builders Club: 35/day

Outrageous Builders Club: 60/day

10% Robux purchase bonus Yes Yes
Trading Yes Yes
Selling Yes Yes
DevEx or Developer Exchange Yes Builders Club: No

Turbo Builders Club: No

Outrageous Builders Club: Yes

Increased revenue share Yes Yes
Create groups Yes Yes
Group limit 100 Builders Club: 10

Turbo Builders Club: 20

Outrageous Builders Club: 100

Profile icon Black maze Builders Club:

Turbo Builders Club:

Outrageous Builders Club:

Player list icon White maze Builders Club: Blue up

Turbo Builders Club: Double yellow up

Outrageous Builders Club: Triple yellow up

Membership gear No Yes
Bonus accessories No Builders Club: No

Turbo Builders Club: No

Outrageous Builders Club: Yes

Google ad free Yes (Google ads were removed in the mid 2019) Yes (Has always been Google ad free)

Please visit the official website of Roblox to gt the details about it. If you have any question regarding upgrading Roblox faster, do not hesitate to call Roblox Support.

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