How to Sell Gamepasses in Roblox

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The visitors on this page certainly are not all veteran Roblox players. They may be a newcomer who are exploring for all about Roblox. Absolutely, this way is not totally wrong because to play a game on a platform, you must power the rules before.

Indeed, there are many kinds of rules that you have to understand. It starts from the characters, the kind of game, points, rewards, how to be winner and many more. So as the game of Roblox, there are lots of points which must be understood by newcomers. One of them is Gamepasses that can be mentioned as the important thing when playing Roblox. So, what is exactly Gamepasses and how to sell Gamepasses in Roblox?

Gamepasses is a kind of Roblox items that everyone can buy it for certain purpose. To buy this Gamepasses, actually, the users should visit an official game’s page. To understand further about Gamepasses, it can be called as the items similarly to era VIP t-shirt in which they used it to grant special features and also the items. Gamepasses were added in September 2012 by Roblox. But, on April 23, 2018, the comments for Gamepasses are disabled to avoid any scam bots from users with the fake Robux sites as well.

After we know about Gamepasses, it could be better for you to understand more about selling the Gamepasses in Roblox. However, this way is needed for you in order to get an easy way to play Roblox. Then, how to sell Gamepasses in Roblox, following those ways in the text below!

Step 1: Log in to your Roblox account. Then, go to your Gamepasses.

Step 2: Now, you have to scroll down to your Gamepasses.

Step 3: Then you are able to click one you would like to sell. In this step, you do not need for Builders Club at all. Make sure that you select the right game.

Step 4: After you choose one game to sale, you will be directed into a selected game.

Step 5: Now, press the down arrow on the available navigation on the right of game.

Step 6: You can choose the Configure this Game Pass button. Then, you will see some description and command on the screen.

Step 7: Now, you can checklist sell this item in the option. Then, you will see the two options: sell it for Robux and sell it for tickets. If you want to sell it for Robux, press the white square. So as if you choose to sell it for ticket.

Step 8: Fill the amount of price as you want with affordably priced. But, make sure that you choose the over price because none would buy it.

Step 9: You can select the type of game on available options.

Step 10: Then, save it. The process might take a while for the Administrators to except the Gamepasses. It may be taken 7-10 minutes.

Step 11: Finally, your Gamepass is ready to sell.

Well, those are the ways to sell the Gamepasses in Roblox. Make sure that you would like to choose the right game to sell.

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