How to Play Any Paid Roblox Game for Free

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On the platform of Roblox, paid access is refer to a game that charges Robux to allow the user can play the game. It is most commonly used by the developers who want their own game to have an early access period where the users are able to pay to play the game before it is released for free. Or by the games that permanently charge a one-time fee, for example: Welcome to Bloxburg.

Apparently, there are many paid access Roblox games. Now, we are going to share some paid access Roblox games. Please look at the text below.

  1. Welcome to Bloxburg
  2. Gun Gale Online: Reign of Bullets
  3. Robloxica
  4. Rogue Lineage
  5. Itty Bitty Airport
  6. Mint Tycoon
  7. Bloxtube
  8. World / Zero Beta
  9. Wild West
  10. Apocalypse Rising 2

Well, the games above are paid access Roblox games. Now, you may be curious and want to ask about how to play paid Roblox games for free? We inform you that there is no way for you to play any paid Roblox games for free. Of course, you have to pay some Robux if you want to play any paid Roblox games. If you search for the information about how to play paid Roblox games for free, it only waste your time because there is no way to do that.

Roblox launched a beta test for Paid Access. It is the configuration setting that let the game developers and builders to charge the players once for permanent access to their own games. Here are some information related paid access:

  • All Roblox builders and developers are able to sell access to their creations. There is a 90% marketplace fee on Paid Access sales for non BC members; BC members have the standard 30% marketplace fee.
  • The price you select is configurable (from 25 Robux to 250 Robux).
  • There is a top paid for the games that sell access. It means that there is another way to rise to the top. This is in addition to Paid Access sales factoring into the Top Earning sort that displays by default on the Games page.

Now, you may want to know the way to enable and configure paid access. If you want to know its information, so you are able to continue to read the following text.

Apparently, there are some steps that you have to do to enable and configure paid access. You have to know that you are able to enable and configure Paid Access on the Configure Place page. To get there, you have to go to the Build page. After that, you have to click “Configure” under the drop-down gear icon for the place you want to make pay to-play. Then, you are going to see the option (and an FAQ link) under the “Sell Game Access” header. For note: The comments cannot be disabled on the games that take advantage of Paid Access.

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