How to Make Shops in Roblox

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Making a shop in Roblox is simple. The most recommended way to make a shop in Roblox is by using dialogues. You may want to try to make a shop in Roblox, so you are at this page. You are at the right page because here we will share how to make shops in the platform of Roblox.

Apparently, there are some steps that you can do to make a shop in Roblox. Please follow all these steps below:

  • The first thing that you have to do to make a shop in Roblox is to get three weapons from ‘weapons’ in the toolbox.
  • After that, in the explorer tree view, you have to look under the Workspace branch for your weapons. Next, you need to drag them into the “Replicated Storage” branch.
  • The next step that you have to do is to rename the three weapons. To do it, you are able to right-click and select “Rename.” Then, please name them with something unique but descriptive. Besides, you have to ensure that you do not use spaces in your names or you are going to have difficulty later.

  • In this step, you are able to make an NPC. For your information, commonly, NPCs are made from the bricks, counter tops, or boxes, although you are free to use whatever you wish to. For this step, if you want to use bricks, please ensure that you have anchored the bricks in your own place.
  • After you done the steps above, then you need to drag your mouse so that all of the pieces of your NPC are selected in the workspace. Just right click it and click group. Do not forget to name the group “NPC.”
  • Afterwards, you have to select the NPC’s head from the right side and click once on the name “Head.” From that, you are able to right-click it and go to insert > object > dialog. Once you are in properties, you have to change the purpose property to shop. You need to write in the initial prompt box what you wish your NPC to say. While your Dialog is still selected in Explorer, you have to go to Insert > Object > DialogChoice. Then, in the properties window, you have to change the User Dialog property value to “May I browse your goods?” and the Response Dialog property to “Sure!”. Please, insert three Dialog Choices into the Dialog Choice. So, your hierarchy should look like this: Rename them from their defaults and set their User Dialog property to the names of the weapons.
  • You are almost finish in making a shop in Roblox, now you just need to add a script into the dialog, and simply save it to complete the process in making a shop in Roblox.

Well, the text above is a way to make a shop in Roblox platform. We hope you are able to follow all those steps correctly so that you can make a shop.

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