How Much is Your Roblox Account Worth

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After a long time playing games in Roblox, buying everything in it and explore anything there, then now you are curious about how much your Roblox account worth is. You are able to do that by calculating the items that you have in your inventory or you can do that by the help of a Roblox account value tracker.

HandyHelper in the forum shares his knowledge about how to know the Roblox account value. In the forum, he states that to find out a value of a Roblox account, you have to go to the users inventory. Then, you have to add up everything in the inventory that has a Robux value. Here, you have to note that if it does not have a robux value, you are able to look at the date it was updated. If the item is given through a Roblox card, it is worth the card amount and then divide the cards price by two and add the date it was published.

After that, you have to convert the total amount of the users inventory which is Robux to Your choice of currency. So, after you add up everything and then convert it to your currency, that is the account worth.

You can also find out how much your Roblox account worth is or your friend’s Roblox account value by watching the tutorials in Youtube. Some videos that you are able to watch are How Much Is My Roblox Account Worth by Pixelated Content which was published on December 30th, 2018 and How Much Is Your Roblox Account Worth by SharkBlox which was published on May 2nd, 2018.

In the video of SharkBlox, he shows that if you want to know how much your Roblox account worth is, you can visit the RBX Rocks website. In that site, you have to go to the Search menu and then enter your username in the search box. Then, you will be given some results under the search box and you have to click to your username with your avatar. It will bring you to your Roblox profile and then it will show you some information about your Roblox value. Under your avatar profile, you can see there is your rank, your RAP and also your value. In the right side of your profile, you can see the items that you have and also your history.

The thing that you have to do is highlight your value and then copy it. Then, go to site to convert your Roblox value into dollars. Now, open your calculator in your PC and then calculate the value of your Roblox and the Robux that you have in your account. After calculating it, get the result and then put it in the Robux converter. Then, see how much dollars it is and it is the Roblox account value of yours. Now, you have known how to calculate the value to be able to know how much your Roblox account worth is. So, you are able to calculate your Roblox account now to be able to know how worth it is.

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