How Can You See Ads on Roblox

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In Roblox, there is an ads  feature. In this feature, Roblox players and Roblox developers are able to advertise their game in Roblox. But, how to see ads in Roblox?In this article, we are going to explain about ads including how we can see ads in Roblox.

Ads can be seen when you access Roblox. Usually, the things that are on ads are games in Roblox. It can also be clothing, models, decals, groups and many more. Ads will be displayed at the top of and the sides of Roblox website. If you click the image of ads, then it will bring you to the thing that is advertised. Advertising is a good thing that people can do to bring attention to the amazing things that you have built or made. Even you are able to make Robux by bidding on ads for an item which other players may buy or visit.

The ads in Roblox are available throughout the site and before entering a game. The ads generate revenue to permit you to offer a level of free gaming experience to other people. The ads are needed to be able to offer free accounts on Roblox site with access to a lot of games and awesome building features.

The ads of Roblox is aimed mainly for Roblox users so that they are able to advertise the games that they made to gain more traffic. The ads will appear on all of Roblox web pages and appear exclusively if you are a member of Builders Club. If you want to put an advertisement in Roblox, it is not like in the real life where you have to buy the space. However, you as developers have to bid for it in auction. There is a limited amount of ad space to go around so that an auction is run and the developers who want to pay more will get more impressions.

How is the price of advertising? The price depends on the bid that you offer. The higher bid that you offer, the higher chance of the ads will appear. You can imagine that there are 3 ads in the system.

  • A: the bid amount is 50 Robux.
  • B: the bid amount is 100 Robux.
  • C: the bid amount is 300 Robux.

If a Roblox player loads a page on Roblox site, A, B, or C will be shown at random but they are not given equal odds. The opportunities that a specific ad is shown is the same to the bid of the ad and it is divided by the total bid for all ads in the system. If you want to have advertisement for the game or other stuff that you have created, you are able to promote it through this ad feature. You need to know that there are three different size of ads that you can use in Roblox and those are banners, skyscrapers, and rectangles.

So, if you want to have an ads, just do it to promote your creations in Roblox. Then, if you wonder how you can see ads in Roblox, ads will show in Roblox site at the top or in the sides of site.

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