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Do you looking for the Roblox Sword Script? Easily, you are able to find the script from the official website of pastebin. You need to know that Pastebin is a popular site that allow you to find the scripts such as Roblox scripts. The site of Pastebin is also well known as a site where you can store any text online to easy sharing.

So, if you want to look for the Roblox Sword Scripts, just go to the official website of Pastebin. Do not forget to create an account so that you are able to get access to login. For your information, usually he programmers always use the scripts to configuration and store pieces of sources code. However, you can copy and paste any kind of text, like Roblox Sword scripts. By the way, how to find the Roblox Sword Script on Pastebin? To know its information, keep read this article until end.

We think that it is very easy for you tofind the Roblox Sword Script on Pastebin. After you arrive at the homepage of Pastebin site, you are able to login by using your account and go to the search bar. We are able to say that the search bar is a simple way to find the scripts on Pastebin. The next step that you have to do is please type Roblox Sword Script on the search bar. Then, please press the Enter button to see the result. Apparently, you will get some results related Roblox Sword Script. For this case, just focus to find the right one, Sword scripts. After you find the roblox Sword scripts, then you are able to copy it and paste it on your Roblox account.

Here are some scripts of Roblox Sword. Let us see its scripts in the text below.

r = game:service(“RunService”)

local damage = 0

sword = script.Parent.blade

Tool = script.Parent

Local,damages,values,sounds= {30,45,65},{Tool.PlaySlash,Tool.PlayThrust,Tool.PlayOverhead},{Tool.Handle.SlashSound,Tool.Handle.OverheadSound,Tool.Handle.LungeSound}

local enabled To Damage = true

function blow (hit)

if enabled To Damage == false then return end

enabled To Damage = false

if (hit.Parent == nil) then enabled To Damage = true return end – happens when bullet hits sword

local humanoid = hit.Parent:findFirstChild (“Humanoid”)

local vCharacter = Tool.Parent

local vPlayer = game.Players:playerFromCharacter(vCharacter)

localhum = vCharacter: findFirstChild (“Humanoid”) – non-nil if tool held by a character

In the text above are some scripts of Roblox Sword. If you want to know all the scripts of Sword, we suggest you to go to the official website of Pastebin. Type “Roblox Sword script” on the search bar. Then, there, you are able to see all the scripts of Roblox Sword. Afterwards, you are able also to copy and paste it on your Roblox account. The last, if you have any question regarding Roblox Sword script, we allow you to send us an email. Next, we are going to answer your question. Aside from that, you can also join with the forum of roblox community to share, discuss and ask anything about that.

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