What is the Name of Rank 3 in Boho Salon

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Boho Salon in Roblox is a game which is about making over people so that they can be more beautiful or handsome and have good appearance. In this game, you are able to work and each job in the game has rank. You may be curious about the name of the job in the rank 3.

Rank 3 in Boho Salon is Children Career and this job is in the middle ranks. If you work as a children career, you will have to care for children in the salon. For your information, in Boho Salon, there are 3 ranks including low ranks, middle ranks, and high ranks. The jobs which are categorized into Low Ranks are:

  • Client
  • Suspended

The jobs in Boho Salon which are categorized into Middle Ranks are:

  • Tattoo Artists
  • Children Career
  • Hair Dresser
  • Receptionist
  • Designer
  • Make- Up Artist
  • Nail Technician
  • Wash and Dry Service
  • Senior Stylist

The jobs which are categorized into High Rank in Boho Salon are:

  • Management Team
  • General Managers
  • Executive
  • Head of Designers
  • Vice President
  • President
  • Co-Founder
  • Founder

If you work in Boho Salon, you need join the group of Boho Salon and then take the quiz for the department that you want to work in. If then, you are in the step of answering the quiz of Boho Salon, you need to know that it is important to know much about Boho Salon because the questions of the quiz will be about it.

Here are some questions and answers of Boho Salon Quiz for Children Career which is in the rank 3 and you are able to use it as a learning for you before you take the quiz.

Q: What does SS stand for in Boho Salon?

A: Senior Stylist.

Q: How many points do you need to be a Senior Stylist?

A: 1000.

Q: What do you do if someone is trolling at reception?

A: Report to HR.

Q: Which is the following is a possessive?

A: your.

Q: Which of the following sentences utilizes proper grammar?

A: The HRs? Yeah, they are standing right over there.

Q: How would you handle a rude client?

A: I would kindly ask them to stop being rude.

Q: Which of the following does not give points in the salon?

A: Listening to customer’s complaints.

Q: Which of the following is a valid reason to yell at an HR?

A: It is never okay to yell at HR, no matter what.

Q: What do you do if a client is unsatisfied with your work?

A: Offer to change/ redo their look until they are satisfied.

Q: Will you make sure all clients are happy with their service?

A: Yes, I will.

Now, you have known about the name of job in the rank 3 and you are able to work in this position if you want. Make sure that you learn everything about Boho Salon including the questions above so that you can pass the quiz.

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