What Does Nani Mean in Roblox

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If you are new in Roblox and then when you are chatting with other Roblox players, you find some words that you do not understand. But, you are too shy to ask what they mean. Well, in this article we are going to explain one of the word that you may often hear but you do not know what the meaning of it.

What word do you often hear in Roblox? You hear a lot of new and strange words for sure and maybe one of them is ‘Nani’. Well, usually the word ‘Nani’ is often heard in anime or a game which comes from Japan. Why? It is because ‘Nani’ is Japanese word which means ‘what’. So, the word ‘Nani’ is often used by not only Japanese but also people who like or often watch and play Japanese content. For example, there is someone who like playing Japanese games or watching Japanese series/ movies, he usually will use the word ‘Nani’ when something shocking happened or asking something that he does not understand yet because he is often heard this word in the content that he watches or played. So, he is accustomed to saying that even though when he is playing games in Roblox.

Based on a thread in Quora, a user tries to explain the use of ‘Nani’ in that forum. She said that someone will use ‘Nani’ to you to make you because they want to know what they exactly meant. However, it can mean different things and it depends on the person and the situation. But, when there are people say ‘Nani’, it usually can mean two things. First, if they are calm, it means that they just did not understand you the first time and they want to hear what you are said again. Second, if they look pissed, it means that you said something offensive.

So, we are able to conclude that ‘Nani’ is one of Japanese words and it means ‘what’. The meaning behind why people say this can vary. It can mean that they want to know more about what you are talking about because they do not understand or it can also mean that they are shocking or pissed off because you say something offensive.

Understanding a word, term or abbreviations wherever you are is important. It is because if you understand what they mean, you can know the meaning of what others say. However, if you hear strange word when you talk with other people including in Roblox, you are able to ask them what they mean by saying that and you do not have to be shy for asking it. But, if you are very shy to ask it just to confirm the meaning of what they say, you are able to search on Google first about the word that they say.

Well, now you are able to chat with your friends again in Roblox and do not worry when they say ‘Nani’ again to you. Just answer it or react it well.

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