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If you play Ultimate Driving Westover Islands, you may want to know some information about the GUI. You may also see some changes so that you need some explanation about it. We are going to explain about it so continue to read it.

What is GUI?

First, let’s find out what GUI is in Roblox. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface and it is used to show information about the game to the player. It also can be used to show the player what the level of their character, the health, and gold. Also, it can create in-game buttons for menus and inventory systems.

In Roblox, there are two types of GUI including the game GUI and also the player GUI. The game GUI cannot be edited in game meanwhile the player GUI can be custom-made. The game GUI cannot be edited because they are locked in the GuiRoot but fake ones can be added such as an oxygen bar when you go underwater or moving your health bar to another place.

Players GUI can be made and edited by players. Those are two types of player GUI including ScreenGUI and Billboard GUI. ScreenGUI can stick to the front of the game on your screen and they will permit you to do a variety of things like change your team, view a map, or reset your character/ BillboardGUI are attached to a brick and always face towards the player. These GUIs are useful for a welcome page, reset button, rule page, or to give tools to players. All of these features are able to be used by medium-level scripting and basic knowledge about GUI features.

Vehicle Spawner GUI in Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands

In the game of Ultimate Driving Westover Islands, there is vehicle spawner GUI and it is the interface while spawning a vehicle in the UDU. The GUI for spawning cars previously was to walk up to a small machine that said Click me to spawn cars! But, long since the release of the garage on Westover Islands, the older machines and the older dealership GUI/ shop were still in use around most games. You will be able to see a dollar sign above the machine to indicate a vehicle spawn in games not updated to 2017 standards. But, these have been mostly retired and replaced with newer ones. If you want to use the older machines, you have to click on the button which would show a list of available vehicles and the ones that you bought. Then, the specifications and the fuel tank capacity would be shown.

Improved GUI in Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands

Now, if you want to spawn a vehicle at the new spawns, you have to walk up to the building that is near the spawn. There, you will find a sign saying Vehicles and points to two blank, illuminated doors. You have to walk up to the doors, hit E and then you will be in the vehicle spawn garage.

Currently, you have the similar car selector table as before but everything else had changed. The entire garage interface takes up the entire screen and adds some color and decoration in the background. It looks like a road geek’s garage with road signs, bikes and more. You are not able to see or hear anyone else’s vehicles while you are in the garage. The stats look much cleaner than before and there is also extra information. Before you spawn a car, you get to see an in-depth view of its exterior.

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