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Are you a veteran Roblox player? Are you a newcomer of Roblox? Do you look for the information about tons of games in Roblox? Or are you choosing the games in Roblox that is good for you? If so, definitely, you are on the right page now! In this chance, we would like to share about one of enchanting game in Roblox that probably you love.

If you love a space-themed game, absolutely you have to look for a game that set in a space/ galaxy. In the game of Roblox, you do not need to worry because Roblox offers that themed game. The game is named Space Mining Simulator that has a dozen of  the gorgeous feature inside. This game allows the player to feel such like in the space. If you are interested to play this game, it is better for you to know all about the information about the game first, especially for the codes that are very important of playing this game.

Space Mining Simulator was created by the Mithril Games Group. It is one of game developers that expand the game program in Roblox platform. This game was launched in May 5, 2018. Which makes the game so adorable is in its feature and setting at all. So, it is no wonder if the game has been visited more than 4.5 million times and favored by 71k favorites with more than 12K star-like.

How does the game work? In this game, you are allowed to travel around the star and also mine the rich resources with your friends. Furthermore, the player will get rich and become the wealthiest member of the fleet. Besides, to reach your goal of playing this game, you must upgrade your space packs and guns in order to have the most powerful miner in this next-gen Mining Simulator. So, the point is that the Space Mining Simulator can be called as a game about collecting the rare gems and ores and mining the stars. On the other words, it is such a workable progress game that you can play it for right now. You will not be disappointed if you play this Space Mining Simulator game in Roblox.

OK… talking about Space Mining Simulator Codes, you will be directed into the things that can be redeemed to get rewards. So as the Space Mining Simulator codes, there are some codes that you are able to redeem in order to get any amazing rewards. The codes can be mentioned as the latest normal codes of Space mining Simulator game that absolutely work to use. Well, in the text below, we share those codes that you can use easily.

Code Rewards
500M Get 75 Rebirth Tokens
200Tokens Get 200 Tokens
FreeCrate Get Legendary Hat Crate
Adventure Legendary Hat Crate
1Year Get 70 Rebirth Tokens
FreeCrate2 Legendary Egg
Money Get 10K Coins
SummerTokens Get 75 Rebirth Tokens
AnniversaryEgg Get Legendary Egg
AnniversaryCrate Get Legendary Hat Crate
AnnversaryTokens Get 250 Rebirth Tokens

Besides, there are still lots of normal codes of Space Mining Simulator that are probably still working to redeem. But, in this article, we just show you a half of the recent codes that are launched by the Mithril Games Group as a developer. For more detail, you can visit Roblox Wikia or other sources available on some sites.

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