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Void Script Builder is the most famous script builder. Actually, it is a Roblox game that has been the main script builder since client sided loadstring was disabled. According to the research, the game was created by Voidacity on January 2010. In this time, it has place visits around 3,500,000. On May 30, 2017, Voidacity as a creator of Void Script Builder has moved it to a group owned place.

As we said before that formerly Void Script Builder created by Voidacity, but currently Voidacity’s script builder is owned by tusKOr661. Apparently, a new owner of Void Script Builder, tusKOr661 has made some changes to the script builder to cut down on the abuse that has been happening over the years. By the way, what is purpose of Void Script Builder? You have to know that the Void Script Builder allow the users to test and debug scripts in a peaceful environment.

The main idea is to help the people for developinng the games, useful toys, or fun projects for themselves. When the client sided loadstring was removed, the Void Script Builder became the only script builder that allowing the users to run scripts. However, this became an issue once the people were using the scripts to cause trouble for other users. Before tusk’s involvement, the Void Script Builder became very hard place to test or debug scripts.

Talking about Void Script Builder, we are going to inform you that you can find the scripts for Voidacity’s script builder from the site of Pastebin. To find Voidacity’s script builder on Pastebin, there are some steps that you have to do. Firstly, go to the site of pastebin. Then, once you are at the homepage of Pastebin, you can move your cursor to the top center of the page where the search bar is placed. Arrive at the search bar, you are able to type any scripts that you want. In this time, you want to look for Voidacity’s script builder, so you just need to type Voidacity’s script builder on the search bar. Next, please press the Enter button. Immediately, you will see the results. There may be several results shown regarding Voidacity’s script builder. In this case, you only have to focus in finding the right one, Voidacity’s script builder. After you find the Voidacity’s script builder, you are able to copy it and paste it on your account.

Here are Voidacity’s script builder Pastebin:

Body guards: hl/

Reeper: hl/

Control: hl/

Grab knife:

Shadow thing:

If you want to see full of Voidacity’s script builder, we suggest you to go to Pastebin site. Once you look for the Voidacity’s Script Builder scripts on Pastebin, you can find some scripts. One of scripts named “Void Script Builder scripts”. For your information, was published by one of guest on January 15, 2018. In this time, it has 14,941 views. In this case, if you want to use the Voidacity’s Script Builder scripts, just copy the script from this.

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