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Roses is one of adventure games in Roblox. This game was created by Clockwork Entertainment. Have you ever played this game? If you like adventure and horror, this game seems suitable for you. But, before you play the game, you probably want to know about the walkthrough of this game.

Roses was created on September 22nd, 2017. This game can be played by one player in each server. Until now, this game has been visited more than 838k times and has been favorited more than 116k times. You need to know that this game is paid access and the price of access is R$ 25. Also, if you want this game work properly, it is better for you to play this game on a good computer/ device. Now, there are 3 chapters in the game and it will give you around 25 minutes of play time. How about the walkthrough of this game?

Walkthrough of Chapter 1

Your character will appear in a forest standing in front of a fallen tree after the cut-scene. You cannot get past. Upon spawning, then you will get the objective of finding the Newport Asylum and also enter the Newport Asylum. This chapter is small and easy to complete. Jump scares or freaky things are not found in this chapter. After spawning, you have to walk along the trail and it will lead to the Asylum gates. Then, you have to walk through the gates and then enter the Asylum. It is important for you to know that there are two roses in the first chapter. The first rose is found near a rusted car and you can find it by walking right before entering the gate. The second rose can be found on a grave with the name FILIP engraved on it.

Walkthrough of Chapter 2

Your character in the game will appear in front of the Asylum doors. For your information, you will see bricks scattered across the floor and a lot of flickering lights. There is a hint of a piano playing and also you need to know that you cannot turn back. This chapter is lengthy and has its fair share of jumpscares. You will also see two explorable floors and quite a few areas that are blocked off. In this chapter, you have to search the Asylum for Max, enter the auditorium and find a key.

In this game, you will begin with the search the asylum for Max. First, you just have to walk through the bathroom and locker room. If you get through the locker room, you will find a hallway with a lot of rubble scattered around. You will also see wheelchair in the middle of the path and if you walk through the hallway, you will be greeted with the loud sound of a piano and locked doors. After that, you will have to enter the auditorium. You can try to open a locked door and then you will receive the objective to find a key.

To find a key, you have to go through the doors of cell block B. Then, open the doors and turn left into the Warden’s Office. Now, turn right and the key will be sitting on a desk. If you grab those keys, you will be able to open the auditorium doors and any other locked doors.

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