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Are you here to look for Roll or Die Roblox ID? If so, you have to stay on this page because we will share anything related to Roll or Die song. Perhaps, this article will help you to know the Roblox ID of this song.

Before we go on to show you the Roblox ID of Roll or Die Song, it is better for you to know about the song first. This song originally came from Cuphead, but has launched by Rockit Gaming in YouTube Channel. The Roll or Die song is on the album of the Rockit Gaming Greatest Hits 2018. This song was sung by three main members of Rockit Gaming, they are Fabvl, Didive and Rockit. The song was released in 2018 with the pop genre.

Furthermore, Rockit Gaming is a YouTube Channel that consists of two members inside. They are Rockit (Russel Mckamey) and Vinny Noose (Vincent Newsome). They have collaborated to fill a YouTube Channel named Rockit Gaming. Rockit is a man that was born on September 4, 1990. While Vinny Noose is a 27 years old man that was born on May 9, 1989, his age is same as Rockit as well. Recently, the Rockit Gaming has five members: Vinny Noose, ItsmeDrG, MissEXP, Rockit and Captain RedBeard.

Roll or Die song has been published on January 6, 2018 on Rockit Gaming YouTube Channel. This song has been viewed more than 1.8 million viewers and favored by 17K likes. Many viewers commented that this song is such a gorgeous and amazing song to listen. This song has totally a nice beat and the voice acting is on point as well. The song sounds like a clown who plays and dances. We think that the best part of this song is on the rap that makes the brain waking up.

For you who want to know the Roll or Die song lyric. So, these are a part of roll or die song lyric that you can remember.

Roll or die

Roll or die

Roll or die(keeps repeating until the root pack starts their rap)

Root pack:

Feelin’ frantic

in the botanic panic

With the root pack jammin’

Now we’re feelin’ organic

Gettin’ full

Eatin’ all these vegetables


An onion

A carrot lookin’ psycho

———————— (The lyric still continue)

Unfortunately, the sources that share for Roll or Die Roblox ID are so limited, almost no. Indeed, we found the Roll or Die Roblox ID on a few source. We get the code in MusicCoder site in which it shows the Cuphead Rap song code. As we know that Roll and Die is a rap song from Cuphead. So, the Roblox ID of Roll or Die song is 1093100386. However, lots of Roblox users use the ID to add this song into their library. But, we do not promise that this code is workable to use. It is because many users said that this code is not working at all.

Well, for you who are curious to know the Roll or Die Roblox ID completely, you can visit some sites and forums that provide the music codes such as, v3rmillion and many more.

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